Shuhei Yoshida Says Project Morpheus Is 85% Complete, No Hint On Release Period

Sony’s Project Morpheus is one of the big entries in the emerging virtual reality market, taking on the likes of Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR headset. There aren’t any solid release dates for consumer release, though Samsung has stated that its headset will be available this autumn. Oculus recently announced the new Cresecent Bay prototype model, which the company states is closer to what it envisions for general consumer release. Now Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has spoken to the Wall Street Journal and revealed that Morpheus is 85% complete, though would not be drawn into giving a general release time.

He also sees Morpheus as more than just a gaming accessory, stating that it could be used in the classroom by teachers for students to get a more in depth look at various subjects. He also stated that the price may be quite low due to many of the components being used in Morpheus are found in various mobile phones, which in turn has led to lower development costs. Of course we’ll have to wait until Sony is ready to reveal an official release date and price before we can judge the cost.

Source: Wall Street Journal



  1. Glad to hear the price may be ‘quite low’, so it won’t cost anything like their 3D headset that’s around a grand.

  2. I genuinely can’t decide what I think is an acceptable price for this.

    • I think if it comes in £199 or less I would jump straight in. Over that and I would leave it for awhile….

  3. Not something I’m interested in, I hope for people that do buy it that Sony support it better than the Ps move.

    • Too true, I bought the ps move when it launched and I have not used it once, they brought eff all out for it.

  4. I’m hoping for a 2015 release date, but I read somewhere that it’s software availability that’s the limiting factor on a release date rather than hardware, so the 15% figure might not be that relevant.

  5. Supposedly planetside2 was nearly ready for release late 2013, but that hasn’t been released or a date confirmed yet so I’m not gambling on anytime soon for this piece of hardware even though it’s 85% complete

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