The Crew Delayed Until December

Ubisoft are no stranger to delays, but thankfully this one is much shorter than most, and you’ll still be seeing The Crew this year, just a few weeks after its previously scheduled November 11th release date.

The game will now release on December 2nd. Don’t worry though, as you’ll get a second beta for PS4 and Xbox One in November which should allow for improvements to the title as fans leave feedback.


The extra time will allow for a second closed console beta to be held, giving even more players the opportunity to experience the game, which is something the community has been requesting. Like the betas held previously, valuable player feedback and other essential information will be gathered, further enhancing the experience.

Ubisoft’s open world racing game – where you can explore a vast representation of the United States – will launch on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Press release



  1. I enjoyed the beta but had quite a few screen freezes where I had to reset my PS4, and from Saturday I couldn’t earn xp so couldn’t try later missions.
    Not bothered about the delay as I,ll have Drive club and P-Cars to keep me busy.

  2. Maybe it’s been delayed to fix the horrible floppy car handling? And the less than impressive graphics. And I’m sure they said it takes 90 minutes to get from 1 side of the map to the other. Which it doesn’t. At least, not in the beta, which they were claiming was the full map. 45 minutes, maybe. Which is still fairly impressive, I guess.

  3. maybe it’s so they can fix the game to 900p so as not to offend Microsoft

  4. I wonder if Far Cry will be delayed as well. Ubisoft is blowing their load heavily by releasing three of their four biggest games of the year within less than two months. Four of five if you count Rouge.

  5. Not interested.

    Driveclub and Project Cars for me :-)

    Ubisoft can suck a fat one. [email protected]!!!

    • I Think that I maybe starting to feel the same way, first Ubisoft give us Watchdogs which had so much potential, Dumbing down the PS4 version of Unity because the Xbone can’t hack it. Now after playing The Crew I can kind of see why it’s been delayed.

      I enjoyed the Beta a lot (Thanks MoonPie for the code!) but I had complete PS4 freezing around 8 times that really can’t be doing the machine much good. Cars were erratic on the road.. CPU cars would flip 180 at 70mph and drive at me.

      I used to love Ubisoft but my respect is starting to dwindle.. :( Really do hope they patch Unity after release and give the PS4 the game it deserves. If we pay for the superior machine, we want the superior game.. simple as. and The Division is so far away now that it’s also been delayed.

  6. Played the beta and oh boy, it wasn’t very good. The steering of the car was all over the place, it was way to arcade for me, which I know is a matter of taste and it wasn’t that pretty.

    I’m sticking with Driveclub, that’s for sure.

    Also I’m staying away from Ubisoft games at launch.

  7. Really not sold on the beta at all – I couldn’t get past the fact it seemed like a driving expansion to Watch Dogs from the moment the map appeared.

  8. Seems that I’m not the only one not impressed witht the handling of the cars in the beta. The cars were way too tail happy for my liking. It sort of reminded me of a poor mans burnout paradise. If nothing else it persuaded me to buy driveclub! Might pick it up when it’s in a bargain bin, but I’m another one staying away from Ubisoft games atm.

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