Test Your Might In The Destiny Iron Banner Event

Bungie have posted details of new time limited Crucible event for Destiny and this time you will need to bring your best weapons and armour as level advantages are enabled.

Bring your deadliest weapons. Equip your sturdiest armor. The Iron Lords are seeking out the most powerful warriors who call the City their home. For those brave enough to fight (and to win), there will be new rewards to serve as a warning of their prowess in the arena.

Rewards include Legendary weapons and armour and you can complete Iron Banner bounties to gain reputation with the Iron Lords, whoever they are. Bungie have also made a mini-site with more information which you can access here.


The Destiny servers will also be offline for “several hours” today so a hotfix can be applied. The work is schedule for 7am PST, which is 3pm in the UK so the game may be offline when you get in from work. Most of the patch “will improve the technology that enables players to connect to Destiny.”

Client fixes
  • Added more data logging for matchmaking systems
  • Improved connectivity failure handling to reduce beaver (Kick To Orbit events) KTOs
  • Improved logging of player disconnections
  • Internal tools fixes to speed up our release process
  • Fixes to the roster system to allow us to tune the frequency of roster updates on Xbox One
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to quick scope on some weapons
Server Fixes
  • Security fixes
  • Server performance improvements
  • Fixes to reduce the frequency of some KTOs
  • Better logging to help diagnose connectivity problems
  • Fixes to some Centipede errors that were exclusive to specific player characters

Source: Bungie



  1. Aw, so I won’t be getting beaver on a regular basis anymore then?

    Quite rare that a video game reflects real life.

    • Er.. whut?

      • A bit slow there Tuff,you’d normally be all over a “Beaver” joke like a rash by now.:)

  2. It’s been that long that I’ve forgotten what a beavervlooks like.
    Erm…did I actually say that out loud?? :P

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