One Upon Light Announced Exclusively For PS4, Releasing 2015

A new PS4 exclusive has been announced by Singapore University of Technology 7 Design, also known as SUTD Game Lab. It is a top down puzzler called One Upon Light, and it is due for release in 2015 for Europe and America so ignore the October date in the trailer. The game itself casts players as a scientist who is trapped in an abandoned factory, and he also finds that being exposed to light causes him pain and will kill him.


This means the environment must be manipulated to cast shadows so the scientist can get from one end of a level to another. He is also armed with a device called Shadow Echo which looks like it replicates shadows to create paths to pass. The game itself looks like it will be fully in black, white and grey to highlight the relation between light and dark. The price for the game is currently pegged at $6.49, though a European price is unknown.

Source: PS Blog


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