Zen Pinball 2 Getting South Park Tables This Week

Zen Studios has announced that two new tables are on the way to Zen Pinball 2, this time taking you the quiet little town of South Park. The pack will contain two tables, will cost £3.99/€4.99, and will be available on PS3, PS4, and Vita, as well as other platforms. The two tables in the pack are called Super Sweet Pinball, and Butter’s Very Own Pinball game. Both will contain highlights from various episodes, probably not as far as the show itself given the PEGI 12 rating.


The Super Sweet Pinball table will focus on the four core characters, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. This table will feature appearances from the likes of Mr Hankey, Mr Garrison, Chef, and Terence & Philip. Meanwhile Butter’s table will reference episodes that contain Professor Chaos, Awesome-O, and his stint as the Chosen One for Imaginationland. The packs will release when the store updates.

Source: PS Blog




  1. It isn’t Sony that announced it; it is Zen Studios. And it is also coming to pretty much every other gaming device.

  2. And rumours of ManBearPig in it.

    No mention of Chef in the announcement, which isn’t surprising given how that all ended with Isaac Hayes being a dick over Tom Cruise refusing to come out of the closet (as far as we know, he’s still in that closet, there’s mention of it in The Stick of Truth, and I don’t think they’ve shown that episode in the UK – 8 years later)

    Looks like a couple of fun tables though. That’ll keep me going for a while. (Waiting for more Pinball Arcade tables for the PS4, really. At this rate, the PS5 will appear before we get up to date there and we can get the Adam’s Family table they’re planning)

  3. They need to do a ‘medicinal fried chicken ‘ table, thats by far my favourite episode, anyone that hasn’t seen it should

    • No, it should have been based on episodes 200 and 201.

      You’d never be allowed to play it, but I’d be happy knowing it exists.

      • Not sure ive seen those, im not the biggest south park fan but do enjoy watching when i can. They’ve taken it off netflix now though :(. Went to amazon i think, money talks

      • 201 was heavily censored after terrorist threats following 200. I think they might have shown 200 in the UK, but not 201. Both are missing from all streaming services but might be available (censored) on the US DVD release.

        They contain just about everything from the previous 199 episodes. Including things such as Mecha-Streisand (who was originally defeated by Robert Smith from The Cure).

        And Tom Cruise. Who seems to have come out of the closet and is working in a factory. Packing their products. The factory made fudge.

        The main problem was a certain “prophet”. Who didn’t actually appear in the episode (although he’d appeared 9 years previously with no problem at all).

        I suspect you’ll never get to see it legally. I’m sure there are ways to find the 2 episodes though. Definitely 2 of the best episodes, making some very serious points in that childish, innocent way South Park does so well. Just leaves you feeling “This is why we can’t have nice things” kind of angry.

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