Greatness Awaits In The New PlayStation Live Action Advert

“Nothing brings us together like a little friendly competition” is the theme to the latest live action PlayStation 4 advert which mashes together NBA 2K15, Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto V and Destiny.


The advert seems to be missing the usual nods to other PlayStation franchises that the previous Greatness Awaits videos have featured, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Source: YouTube



  1. Decent advert. Would rather they tone them down a little bit though and merely show some gameplay, and spend the rest of the money that it would have taken to do an advert like this on improving the damn unbearable PSN. Seriously, PS4 is already selling by the bucketload, it doesn’t need lavish marketing.

    PS. Before anybody spins my words, marketing is still essential obviously.

  2. Shows how bad Driveclub is when even Sony don’t promote it.

    • DriveClub does have it’s own tv ad though so they are advertising it.

      • Not sure if I’ve seen the Driveclub advert or whether it was aired a couple of of times before being canned, but the new Forza advert is quite cool with a set of scalextric cars racing around a track when the yellow Lambo (rebel) breaks free into an open world of Forza gameplay…nifty job ;)

        Someone will probably correct me and say it was a Ferrari :P

      • The Driveclub advert seemed to air a few weeks before release, not around release though.

        I actually thought the Horizon 2 advert was poor, it showed nothing about the game and until you saw the end you had no idea it actually was a game.

      • Was wondering if the Forza Scalextric advert is a cheeky dig at the AI on Driveclub, or just a coincidence. Funny either way.

    • DriveClub is the best racing game out on next gen consoles.

      It’s just a shame it’s plagued with connection issues, none of which I’ve had in the last day on the game funnily enough, so I think it’s slowly getting properly fixed.

      I’m more pissed off with PSN in general.

      • Lol, good sense of humor you have there ! :)

      • Forza 5 is a barebones mess. Forza Horizon 2 is good from what I’ve played, but not as good as Driveclub. Not as good on the handling side, the actual racing. Not as good on the visuals, not as good on the audio of the cars.

        All that Forza Horizon 2 does better is the soundtrack. The fact it’s open world doesn’t bother me, I feel open world racing games have less substance and craft to them.

      • I have briefly played it, and my son, who is the driving game aficionado, has played the poop out of it and loves it so I will trust his judgement over any reviews. Certainly doesn’t appear the steaming mess that some allege, outside of the on-line issues, that is.

    • Ignoring the server issues Driveclub is not bad whatsoever. It’s a bloody brilliant game, I really don’t understand all the negative reviews it received. I’m beginning to put the poor scores down to a lot of the sites are american who seem to be more into muscle cars and cheesy commentators shouting ‘Awesome’ in-between each race and animations of drivers standing on podiums spraying champagne everywhere etc.
      I’ve also seen it advertised quite a few times on TV, normally in-between footie matches.

  3. Looks good, no doubt there’ll be a few variations over the holiday period.

  4. Should have game play involved not live action.

    • I dunno, that Japanese ad from a couple of years ago was all live action and made a brilliant impression. I like this one too, blending the CGI game parts with the live action appeals to the child in me :)

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