Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season One & Two On PS4 & Xbox One Delayed In Europe By A Week

Telltale has announced that the European release of The Walking Dead Season One & Two has been delayed by a week, and will now be available to buy from October 31st. The original release date was set for October 24th, and no reason has actually been given as to why the date has been pushed back. The game is available on the new generation consoles both digitally and at retail in North America from today, so it’s a 10 day gap between the markets.

The press release also stated that combined The Walking Dead games have sold a total of 39 million episodes since launch, though the exact number of full seasons downloaded wasn’t discussed. That’s still a remarkably high number and the game does have a broad audience to market to, considering it has released on lots of platforms including iOS and Android devices as well as consoles. I’ve enjoyed the story of Clementine, Lee, and the other characters but the games really are a roller-coaster of emotions.

Source: Press Release



  1. Shouldn’t it say ‘delayed’ in the title?

  2. I’ve had season one on PS3 & Vita for ages now but still haven’t got round to playing it yet. I might pick up season two on PS4 sometime after my backlog lessens a bit.

  3. Does this have any relation to the TV series?
    Sorry, I don’t know anything about it really, never seen or played it.

    I saw the seasons at 25 pound each to pre order

    • Phone just f’d up

      • Dammn using it in the bath doesn’t help.

        I meant to add, is it worth a buy at that price?

    • Not strictly related no.

      Well it’s the same universe obviously but with new characters and there are a few reused locations but they’re more nods to the comic/show than rehashing it.

  4. Can I transfer my season one save from PS3 to PS4 so I keep my decisions?

    I don’t want to start season 2 on a blank slate and not have all my “Clementine will remember this” stuff forgotten

  5. Cannot wait for Season 2 on PS4. Does anyone know if when the game autosaves it judders along like Season 1 does on PS3?

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