Papers, Please Developer Lucas Pope Announces Return Of The Obra Dinn

Lucas Pope, the creator of ‘Papers, Please’, has announced a new project called ‘Return of the Obra Dinn.’ A very early demo has been released for you to explore the game and what it may hold in the future release. The story is that the ship called the Obra Dinn left London to journey to Asia in 1802 but never made it to its destination. In 1808 the ship drifted into port with much of the crew missing, and leaving a mystery behind to work out what happened.

The game itself puts you in the role of an insurance adjuster who works for the East India Company.  After playing some of the demo ‘Return Of The Obra Dinn’ is a first person adventure title with some mystical elements surrounding it. You have to work out what happened to the crew and where the ship has been for all those years. This is an incredibly early build and as such a release date or price hasn’t been announced. If you’re interested you can download the demo from here.



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  1. Really like the look of this, never did get round to papers please mind. Though I’m pretty sure this was announced earlier in the year?

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