Titanfall’s Next Update Adds Frontier Defence Horde Mode

Titanfall’s twitter account teased earlier today that they would be revealing their “biggest update” yet, ahead of Respawn’s live stream this evening for the latest in a long line of fairly major game updates. So what does that entail? Well, in this case it’s a big new horde mode called Frontier Defence.

Up until today, Titanfall has been a purely competitive affair, whether playing the campaign story or diving in for the recently added Pilots-only mode. Frontier Defense, however, pits you in a team of four up against five waves of increasingly difficult AI-controlled enemies, with a slightly slower overall pace and more strategic team play as a consequence.


You’ll have to defend a Harvester from the enemies, which seem to go quite a bit beyond what you’ll see supporting the human players in competitive multiplayer. Mortar Titans, for example, will sit back and need you to hunt them down, rather than just defend a single position, as well as things like the suicide Spectres, that will explode underneath your Titan’s feet, or the cloaking drones which can disguise incoming Titans from view.

This comes amidst the regular load of smaller tweaks and changes, from new Titan voices and new graphics quality settings on PC to a full screen map view and sudden death for Capture the Flag.

The stream is currently still going, with the full change list for game update 8 to be posted later on. We’ll naturally update this post with these later.

Update: So those patch note are really wordy, so I’m just going to point you to Respawn’s post over here and an explanation of Ranked Play here.

There’s some really neat ideas in there, such as a “Deadly Ground” game mode, where the floor is lava… no, I mean electrified fog. Don’t touch the floor, basically, or you die!



  1. That’s pretty cool for a free update. They’ve supported this really well since release. Looking forward to playing the new mode.

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