Mobile Watch: Fat Princess: Piece Of Cake

The presence of PlayStation heroes and licenses on the App Store isn’t exactly a new thing. Beside companion apps for games such as PS4 launch title, Knack, we’ve seen other mobile ventures like last year’s PlayStation All-Stars Island. For those who don’t remember, Sony partnered with Coke Zero, creating a mishmash of mini-games featuring Nathan Drake, Sackboy, and more.

This month, however, saw the return of a more obscure PlayStation IP, given a new lease of life by developer One Loop Games. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because One Loop is the tiny team that created PS Vita card battler, Uncharted: Fight For Fortune. In many ways, they’ve used a similar approach to Fat Princess as with their debut title, substituting the series’ core gameplay model for something more convenient while on-the-go. In this instance, the characters and setting from Fat Princess have been applied to the trusty old match-three puzzler.

Piece of Cake is a free-to-play title and one that will see players move from level to level as opposed to facing an endless, score-chasing rush. Starting out fairly easy, stages will become moderately difficult as more and more obstacles are thrown in your way. Though the first hour or so of the game is a cakewalk, players will eventually have to think carefully about each move as they look to outwit their opponent.

The way stages work is simple. The bottom part of the screen is occupied by a grid of tiles that can been shifted one at a time by tapping them. They’re assorted into different colours and, when three or more are matched, an action will be played out on the upper portion of the screen. Here, you command a posse of four subjects, all keen to win back the throne for their beloved, cake-scoffing princess. This ragtag band includes a warrior, ranger, engineer, and priest who work in tandem. Linking four red blocks, for example, will trigger a single-target attack by the warriors. Yellows will activate a blunderbuss spread shot, oranges a bomb blast, with blue links restoring health to the party.

If you’re a regular mobile gamer, you will have no doubt seen this gameplay formula in action time and time again. Fat Princess at least tries to spice things up a little, however. If players can break enough purple tiles, for example, they will summon the eponymous princess to wreak havoc on their opponent. Additionally, Piece of Cake also has a number of challenge missions as well as one or two boss encounters, both of which force players to adapt their playstyle. As a free-to-play game, in-app purchases are inevitable with gold being used to quicken the pace at which characters level up. Premium currency also opens a fast track to earning items and boosts, though we never really saw the appeal in paying for any of these.

It may not be the most adventurous mobile adaptation on the market but One Loop has certainly done a good job in capturing the essence of Fat Princess. From menus and UI design to the characters themselves, nothing looks out place and everything runs smoothly during play. Even if you aren’t a particularly big fan of match-three puzzlers, Piece of Cake may be worth sticking with if you’ve been wanting to try Fat Princess on PlayStation 3. Anyone who manages to beat the fifteenth stage will unlock a code to redeem the quirky 2009 action game.


  1. Oooo I forgot about this. Never played it before so I’ve downloaded it onto my phone and shall have a mess about with it later.

  2. That’s pretty cool about getting a code for the game.

    I’m enjoying this, it’s actually rather tough in places, but waiting for stamina to regenerate so you can continue playing is annoying, and the price seems high for infinite stamina (£2.99 x 4 = £11.96 for 200 coins, for infinite stamina).

  3. Fat Princess was one of my favorite PSN titles, I was hoping this would be the PSP version. But alas, tis a completely different game.

    Hopefully this foreshadows a PS4 sequel.

  4. Just a word of caution before anyone else wastes their time. Just beat level 15 only to find you need to log into Facebook to get your code. Not happening.

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