Twitch Update Their Rules Of Conduct, Ban Six Packs

Well here is an interesting twist on the topic du jour, namely sexual equality in gaming. Twitch have updated their rules of conduct and have banned men from broadcasting whilst not wearing a shirt.

Nerds are sexy, and you’re all magnificent, beautiful creatures, but let’s try and keep this about the games, shall we?

Wearing no clothing or sexually suggestive clothing – including lingerie, swimsuits, pasties, and undergarments – is prohibited, as well as any full nude torsos, which applies to both male and female broadcasters. You may have a great six-pack, but that’s better shared on the beach during a 2-on-2 volleyball game blasting “Playing with the Boys.”

Twitch note that if it is “unbearably hot where you are” and you must be naked, you should crop your camera just to show your face.


And yes, it’s a slow news week.

Source: Twitch



  1. Haha, I love their approach and tone of the message.

    Sadly, hiding a six-pack isn’t a problem I’ve had to deal with.

    • A lovely light-hearted way to let us know. As far as I can tell, with the above, there’s nothing to stop you being fully clothed but just whipping the ol’ twig & berries out for a swing.

      Love Twitch. Twitch, Twitch. *goes half mast*

      • Haha, you’re right, they should really be more accurate with their rules. :)

  2. I was going to get around it by covering my body in some sort of pastry product filled with meat and vegetables. But it explicitly says you’re not allowed to wear pasties. Which is just weird.

    • I believe pasties in america are, uhm, nipple covers.

      • I believe that’s how they started out in Cornwall too. Miners working in tin mines used to protect their nipples with a layer of pastry and vegetables.

        Those tin mines were dangerous places. Dark, cramped, mildly radioactive, prone to flooding. The last thing you want down there is any nipple discomfort.

  3. Pasty tax.

    • It started with that, now it’s pasty censorship, pasty banning comes next, then the great Cornish revolt, Cornish independence, Cornwall detonating small bombs to seperate themselves from the rest of the UK, floating off into the Atlantic, sinking, the population being rescued by an oil tanker, killing their rescuers, electing Dennis Hopper their leading and ruling in tyranny over the seas.

      • It’s a grim, pastyless future that we now face because of this ban. How do they sleep at night?!

  4. So unless I’m reading it wrong, not only can I not wear my cheese and onion pasty anymore, I’m also forbidden from wearing undergarments. Compulsory commando gaming.

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