Nintendo’s Financials Show Profit Alongside Rising Wii U Sales

The Wii U seems to be gaining momentum now, with Nintendo reporting that since the release of Mario Kart in May, they’ve seen improved sales, and believe that Smash Bros. and their new amiibo range of figurines will only add to their profits.

In the six months from April to September, Nintendo sold 1.12 million Wii U units, bringing the total since its release in 2012 to 7.29 million. They also sold 2.09 3DS systems in the same timeframe.


Despite only releasing towards the end of September, Smash Bros. For 3DS sold a staggering 3.22 million units globally, and over the last six months a total of 23.3 million units of 3DS software were sold. For Wii U software, Nintendo shifted 9.3 million copies.

That means that Nintendo have been able to post a profit of 14.3 billion yen, which is about £82 million. It’s certainly a great improvement, and one which Nintendo expects to grow even more with the release of Smash Bros. For Wii U and amiibo.

Source: Nintendo Financial Highlights



  1. The Wii U launched with Bayonetta 2 for me. :)

    • On that note, how does bayonetta 2 play with the gamepad?, gonna get the game but don’t have a pro controller and wondering how well suited to the gamepad this game is

      • I played all of it on gamepad and had no problems at all. It’s also surprisingly playable off-TV as well.

  2. 1.12 million units over six months? I’ve had to reread that three times to make sure. That’s hardly good and they were doing worse than that. Bloody hell.

    Really hope this momentum continues to shift.

  3. New 3DS should help rekindle some hardware sales as well.

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