Activision Confirms Destiny Sequel In Development, Boasts Impressive Numbers

Activision’s latest financial call has revealed that Bungie is “already underway on its next full game”, that being the next project in the Destiny series.

It seems as though the game has done quite well overall, with their financial report stating that there are 9.5 million registered users. While that doesn’t exactly equate to people who have purchased the game, since some people have multiple accounts, it’s nevertheless an impressive stat, with active players playing over three hours per day.

It’s the largest new game franchise launch in history – in the top ten game launches of all time in the US – and has led Activision to a total GAAP revenue of $753 million, which is an increase over last year.

Impressive stats then, so expect to see Destiny 2 in a couple of years. And then it’ll probably become another yearly franchise if that does well.

Source: Financial release / Eurogamer



  1. I’m a little confused as to why Destiny is getting a sequel when the current game is meant to go for ten years

    • Because CHA CHING!!

    • From what I understand sequels are part of the ten year lifespan of the series with the intention that there will be a new game every 2-3 years and two expansions for every game. I read an article about it back in 2013 but can’t remember where.

      • This.

        And its 3 full games in the 10 year life cycle, with each of those having DLC expansions to fill the gap in between. Well, that was the original plan anyway.

  2. I hope this sequel doesn’t turn up for several years so they can make could on their ten year plan for Destiny and that they have the time to make a lot more content than they have in vanilla Destiny.

  3. Really started enjoying this game, last night I went from level 2 to level 10, repetitive but good

  4. Was it stated that the 10 year plan was for the first Destiny game? Could be a 10 year plan for the franchise maybe….

  5. well based on the current lack of content and Activision adding hardly any content to DLC for £20, I wont be buying the next one unfortunately.

    • This ^^

      I feel like we’ve been totally screwed by Activision, I love the game but it feels about 20% of a game. I’m still waiting for this ‘additional content’ they’re talking about. And no not the £20 DLC I mean additional content to the main game.
      There’s just not enough there at the moment to keep this going longer then a couple of months except for the hardcore audience.
      You repeat levels to get more stuff, in order to complete levels at a higher level, to get more stuff, to complete…….. You get the gist.

  6. Hopefully they will put more though into the mission structure in the next one. The “go here and kill everything while your ghost opens a door” rinse and repeat structure in the first one was just so lazy.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I find the Strikes particularly disappointing, as they are (almost without exception) a series of bullet sponge kill-a-thons, a sentiment that only worsens as you end up running them over and over in the endgame to get marks for Legendary gear.

      This feeling is amplified by the fact that the Raid is SO well designed – if you are playing Destiny and have yet to run it, I really recommend you look for a group ASAP. It’s a brilliant experience and genuinely refreshing in the way it overlays fairly straightforward MMORPG principles to a very polished shooter.

      If that level of thinking, particularly relating to giving people roles in a FPS that doesn’t involve relentlessly looking down an iron sight, could be applied to the whole experience then I think Destiny would probably be the greatest FPS I’ve ever played.

      As it is, it’s just the most promising.

  7. This is a bit annoying, apparently Bungie have only just decided and finished what DLC is being released in December. If they’re already turning their hand to a sequel then it’s only a distraction from the content that could have been released this time around. Like, where’s Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn?? There were Grimoir cards for them so you would have expected planets to be released as DLC, not a 2 level boost, a strike or two, a raid and some new gear for £20…

    Also, Hiya….long time no see!

  8. Been the second game I ever pre ordered (first GTA V) and been massively disappointed by the lack of er, should we say game on the disk I will not be lining pockets. So I’m out! And not in a gay way!

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