WeView: Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!

Abe’s Odyssey seems to be one of those games that everyone has played and enjoys reminiscing about. There was something utterly charming about the whole experience, especially Abe’s innocence and his greetings. New ‘n’ Tasty is a fresh reimagined version of the PlayStation One original, but how well does it capture the niche experience of the original?

I’ve really enjoyed previous Oddworld game such as Abe’s Odyssey and Exoddus, as well as the more recent Stranger’s Wrath. Sadly I’m yet to play New ‘n’ Tasty. It’s one I those games that I hope makes its way into the PlayStation Plus line-up.

Matt wrote about New ‘n’ Tasty for TSA. Whilst he didn’t give the game a definitive score he did have a lot of praise for the game. He opened “if you sat down to play New ‘n’ Tasty for the first time, you’d never guess by looking at it that it’s an updated version of a game from nearly 20 years ago”, adding “it looks like every character model, background, cinematic, and texture was completely rebuilt”.

Matt explained “one of the best things about Abe is his innocence. He doesn’t wield big guns or beat up on opponents, but instead chooses brains over brawn”. As a platformer the “level design really plays to this strategy”, with “plenty of mines, cliff edges, or falling rocks to separate life from your opponents without directly interacting with them”.

There can be “a bit of trial and error involved, and a few frustrating checkpoints”, but “for the most part the puzzles were fair, yet challenging and enjoyable”.

Matt concluded:

Abe’s Odyssey is still a real charmer. In a gaming world packed with HD remakes, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty deserves to be judged as more than a game re-skinned for a new console generation. Its gorgeous visuals make it look like something that was built from the ground up for the first time, and the platforming puzzles are every bit as smart and challenging as what you’ll find in any game today. It’s not perfect, but between the breadth of content, the fantastic visuals, the entertaining levels and challenging puzzles, there’s enough here to recommend it to just about any fan of the genre, whether you played the original or not.

Now it’s over to you. What did you think of the reimagined New ‘n’ Tasty? Let us know in the comments below. Give the game either a Buy It, Sale it, Plus It or Avoid It rating. Be sure to get your comments in by Sunday evening.



  1. Absolutely loving it. Picked it up just at the weekend there and played it quite extensively. The game itself is really quite stunning. Stopped a couple of times to admire the background detail. A few screenshots are currently saved to my harddrive too.

    The smartest thing the game has achieved is it manages to have all the nostalgic feelings coming though while playing but at the same time, feel like a whole new game you are experiencing. Quite an achievement.

    Definite buy it from me.

  2. Yes, I have some lovely Screenshots from this too. They will be ideal for Wallpapers….
    I’m not a person that completes many games but this one is one of the fairly elite group of games like FFVII, Tomb Raider and Uncharted Games, that I stuck with to the end.

  3. Fantastic game. Everything has been beautifully and painstakingly recreated to such a point where someone who hasn’t heard of Abe wouldn’t believe it was originally a PSOne game. Just seeing the original main menu all spruced up for the first time was a joy.
    It manages an inexplicable achievement; like copping off with an old ex girlfriend at a school reunion 10yrs later, it feels like you’re playing a brand new game and yet, as someone who played the original, your muscle memory kicks in and you instantly know/remember how to play it…!

    If you enjoyed Abe’s Oddysee the first time round or you like platformers or puzzle games you simply HAVE to buy it.

  4. BUY IT!

    I purchased this game on launch day after months of anticipation and I was instantly taken back to my youth. Abe’s Odyssey was the first PlayStaion title I ever played after my dad got me a second hand console for my tenth Birthday.

    The recent update that adds the run/jump button press was a great addition allowing for a more classic feel to the game. The only thing that hurt me was that his voice did not sound the same but hey it was remade!

    I completely agree that New ‘n’ Tasty is a game in its own right and should not be looked upon as strictly a HD Remake.

  5. One of the better video game trailers I’ve seen in a while, looks a corker and definately on the ‘get around to buying soon’ list!

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