Majora’s Mask Remake Heading To 3DS Next Year

One of the finest games ever crafted released on 3DS a few years ago, in the form of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Now its direct successor, which wasn’t quite as much of a hit is heading to 3DS.


The game will release in spring, and the game features the signature darker tone as well as time-limited gameplay, where you have only three days – which can be reset – to complete certain sections.

Trust us, it’s a fantastic title and given how good the Ocarina of Time looked, this is definitely one to watch out for, whether you’ve played the game before or are only getting around to it now.

There’s also a limited edition version releasing in Europe, which includes the game with a special case, a pin badge, and even a double sided poster. There’s no word on pricing for that version just yet, though.


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  1. I’ve been awaiting this day for years! Finally I can soon play Majoras Mask for the first time (outside of some dabbling with filthy emulators).

    This is the equivalent of The Last Guardian for 3DS titles.

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