Blizzard Announces New FPS Title Overwatch, Beta Sign Ups Open

Blizzard has released the first details on new IP, Overwatch, an FPS set on a near future Earth with a varied range of characters. The first thing that came to mind when watching the above gameplay trailer was that Overwatch looks like a mix of Team Fortress and TimeSplitters. It has the the graphical similarity to Valve’s own FPS, while the character cast wouldn’t be out of place in Free Radical’s bizarre franchise. The game will be online only and will feature matches of 6 vs 6.


The above trailer introduces the cast of characters from the likes of Reaper, aka death personified, Widowmaker the sniper, Bastion who is the robot that can turn into a turret, Hanzo who prefers his bow and arrow, and Mercy who has the ability to fly and heal. There are a host of other characters too to get to know, with each one having their own strengths and weaknesses. The maps have also been designed around the characters, with each one being either advantageous for them or a death trap.

Blizzard has opened closed PC beta sign ups and all you need is a account to register your interest. You aren’t guaranteed a spot, but if you want to try for it then follow the link.



  1. It looks like it’s designed for children, the colours, the characters, the voices, yet it involves shooting people, which clearly isn’t for children. This one isn’t for me I think.

  2. i was watching the Blizzcon opening, looks like it might be cool if you like those games.

    what i really want to see come out of Blizzcon is some footage from the movie, details about characters and story would be good too.

  3. Looks like the FPS MOBA scene is heating up. This will go head-to-head with the game Gearbox is making.

  4. Please don’t be F2P! And a console release would be appreciated.

  5. The first new IP from Blizzard since 1998.

    And it’s a rip-off of Team Fortress.

    I’m not impressed. I assume this is what remains of now cancelled Titan? Probably the PvP competitive multiplayer mode.

  6. Looks fun, a little less serious than COD and BF might take a look if it comes to console.

  7. Looks great, but my only thought is – meh another FPS

    • But it’s made by Blizzard. Looks like it could become the next Counter-Strike for me.

  8. So is this what you get when you combine Time Splitters and Team Fortress?

    Either way looks like it could be pretty cool.

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