WeView Verdict: Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!

Thankfully Oddworld: New ‘n’ tasty proved to be slightly more successful in generating a response than Bound By Flame. With that being said, there was still only a handful on you that contributed to WeView this week.

We’ll kick things off with Kjkg who is “absolutely loving” New ‘n’ Tasty so far. After picking it up “just at the weekend” they’ve “played it quite extensively”, and also admitted they have had to stop “a couple of times to admire the background detail”. For Kjkg the “smartest thing the game has achieved is it manages to have all the nostalgic feelings coming though while playing but at the same time, feel like a whole new game you are experiencing”.

Lyts1985 was also a fan of New ‘n’ Tasty calling it a “fantastic game”. They said “everything has been beautifully and painstakingly recreated to such a point where someone who hasn’t heard of Abe wouldn’t believe it was originally a PSOne game”.

They then followed this with a rather wonderful comparison by saying New ‘n’ Tasty is “like copping off with an old ex girlfriend at a school reunion 10yrs later, it feels like you’re playing a brand new game” adding “as someone who played the original, your muscle memory kicks in and you instantly remember how to play it”.

After purchasing the “game on launch day after months of anticipation”, Basketballgaz says they were “instantly taken back” to their youth. They praised “the recent update that adds the run/jump button press” as a “great addition”, but sadly they had to criticise the fact that Abe’s “voice did not sound the same”.

Lastly we have Lambchop who like Kjkg stopped to admire the game and took “some lovely screenshots” that were “ideal for wallpapers”. As someone who doesn’t complete many games “ this one is one of the fairly elite group of games like FFVII, Tomb Raider and Uncharted Games” that they stuck with to the very end.

There were only three of you that gave New ‘n’ Tasty a rating, but each of you gave the game a definite Buy It. Although New ‘n’ Tasty is a remastered version of the original PS One classic it certainly is its own game and one that’s worthy of giving a go. Tomorrow we’ll be taking a look at another remake in the form of Metro Redux. Replacing it in the poll is Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition.



  1. Completed it on Saturday. Then again on Sunday. Done one playthrough on Hard, got all 299 Mudokins. Then did the bad playthrough. Currently doing my speed run.

    Annoyingly I have missed out all three times on the trophy for not getting caught by the scanners. So will have to one more playthrough for that Platinum.

    • Ugh – I loathe trophies that require an additional entire playthrough should you mess up. Especially when its something like being spotted (which could easily happen by mistake).

      Good luck! :)

      I didn’t plan on getting this (have gone right off of stealth based games recently), but am glad that’s a hassle I will never know!

      • To be fair, it was my fault. I hadn’t realised reloading a checkpoint made it null.

        Still, on speed run with no saving, it’ll not take too long thankfully.

      • Also hate when reloading a checkpoint nullifies stuff! :D

        I think I was safe in my assumption to give this one a miss.

  2. Sounds good! Think I’ll wait on the Vita version.

  3. I should have posted something for the last two WeViews, sorry!
    I haven’t completed New n Tasty yet, but what I have played would easily recommend people Buy It.
    I was a little worried when I started playing it that it would feel like an old game but it doesn’t, it feels like a great puzzle game. It also varies the gameplay quite nicely which was a good surprise too.
    I can see why it’s a loved classic, I hope the game translates well to the Vita when that version comes out.

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