Does Your PS4 Need More Stability? PS4 Firmware 2.02 Is Here To Help [Updated]

Update: It’s out now.

So yeah, we’re kind of running out of things to say when it comes to these firmware updates but we’ll do our best to deliver all the hard hitting details for Sony’s 2.02 firmware for PS4, which they just announced on Twitter and should go live shortly. It adds stability. The end.


Kidding aside, the PlayStation forums are still quite full of people claiming a variety of issues popped up with the last major firmware release, so hopefully these will alleviate some of those problems so everyone can get back to gaming without interruption.

If you notice anything special with 2.02 (other than all the stability, of course), be sure to let us know in the comments. It wasn’t available to download as of the time this article was published but these types of Twitter posts usually signify the update is only hours away.

Source: Twitter



  1. My ps4 is now so stable, I’m going to see if I can put a horse in it

  2. Who needs a software update? I find a beer mat under one of the feet normally sorts it…

  3. I’m taking a punt here and reckon that Sony and Evolution share the same team of testers.

    • By which you mean an empty room, presumably?

  4. I read an article on Polygon before saying that dragon age inquisition keeps crashing on the PS4 and corrupting saves, all because of the 2.0 software update. Sony said they have found what is causing it and will release a patch before the release. Maybe this is that patch?

    • But the system update is up to 2.01 now. Unless there is a specific issue with that version of course.

      • Not to sure. This is what Polygon said:
        “Notably, the PS4 version of Inquisition frequently froze, locking up the entire system and requiring a full reboot. In a few instances, this reboot process led to corrupted save files. According to representatives from EA, this issue is related to Sony’s PlayStation Network 2.0 firmware, which has caused problems for other games on the console as well.

        Near the end of the review process, Sony sent Polygon a PlayStation 4 that had an upcoming patch pre-installed ostensibly fixing the 2.0 problems. We played approximately 15 hours on this patched PlayStation 4 and did not experience any crashes. EA says this new PSN patch will be released prior to Dragon Age: Inquisition’s release date.

        Beyond the hopefully-fixed crashes, I experienced a bevy of other small bugs in Dragon Age: Inquisition, such as dialogue refusing to progress until I hit the skip button or characters and clothing clipping into each other during cinematic cutscenes. The most hilariously annoying bug I stumbled across caused my Inquisitor’s voice to change 50 hours into the game. Thankfully, I found a solution.

        EA has provided Polygon a list of bug fixes coming to Inquisition in a day one patch, including many of the bugs mentioned here. While none of these problems were big enough to greatly impact my enjoyment of the game, we’ll continue checking in to see how much the patch helps and if new issues are introduced. In the mean time, we’re going to withhold our score for the PlayStation 4 version of Dragon Age: Inquisition.”

  5. I want to see in the next e3 they put “stability update” on the big screen and the crowd goes wild!

  6. I thought they were trying to avoid the whole ‘stability update’ issue this gen? I thought I read that they were trying to make updates more substantial due to the amount of complaints regarding stability update’s last gen?

    • For “stability”, read “fixing things that messed with your PS4 in FW 2.00”.

      I think that apart from immediately after major updates, there WILl be far fewer updates.

      • But I thought they already did that? As mentioned above, 2.01 appeared sometime last week (I think) & that was supposed to sort out the issues with 2.00.

        Unless these are issues that no-one has encountered yet & in which case, you may well be correct!

    • Yeah it’s more accurately ‘fixing instabilities we accidentally caused’ really.

    • At least it doesn’t take ages to download or install. Its not as bad on PS3 thankfully.

  7. Mine is so stable I found Shergar in there.

  8. Hopefully this fixes the Youtube sign-in issue.

  9. When I got home, I found the PS4 had automatically downloaded the update, installed it, sprouted legs, hoovered the flat and made me a nice cup of tea.

    Great work, Sony!

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