New Pillars of Eternity Trailer Showcases More Gameplay As Pre-Orders Go Live

Pillars of Eternity was one of a handful of titles that really managed to capture people’s imaginations during the Kickstarter boom, promising a return to the classic RPG style of the popular Infinity Engine games. Obsidian are also quite determined to really push beyond that mould, and with feedback from their backer beta during the summer, they decided to push the game’s release back to 2015.

To crack open the door a little wider and show off more of the game, they’ll be hosting a live stream tomorrow on Twitch at 1PM PST (9PM GMT) on the Paradox Interactive channel, but have also released a new gameplay trailer and opened up pre-orders to those outside of Kickstarter.


Those pre-ordering – whether through Steam, Humble, from Paradox themselves or your mate Dave – can grab either the Hero Edition or the Champion Edition at £35/£45 and £45/$60 respectively though there’s a 10% discount to start off with. The former comes with the game and two secret in-game items which Kickstarter backers will also get, while the Champion Edition has a bunch of other bonuses, including:

  • A digital copy of the Pillars of Eternity Original Soundtrack (OST)
  • A digital campaign almanac containing backstory, lore, and information about Eora
  • Access to a documentary on the making of Pillars of Eternity
  • A high-resolution digital game map
  • High-resolution Pillars of Eternity wallpapers
  • Pillars of Eternity ringtones for mobile devices

Whichever version you buy, you’ll still be able to create idiot muscle wizards.

Source: Press Release


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  1. Poop-on-a-stick, that’s expensive! I’ve been following this with some interest but I’ll see how it turns out before throwing down hefty amounts of cash for it.

    Divinity: Original Sin was a stunning RPG (on the PC) and that was nowhere near as much.

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