Explore A Metroidvania World In New Trailer For Red Goddess

A new trailer has been released for the indie game Red Goddess, slated for release on Steam in February of 2015, and will be coming to many other platforms at a later date.


Described on the game’s official website as a metroidvania game, the trailer showcases beautiful environments and smooth animation. The game uses 3D models, but environments have an incredible painterly feel to them. The gameplay also involves a number of unique abilities that allow you to hover above deadly pits or control the progression of time, as well the ability to transform into non-human forms that give you deadly, elementally-charged combat abilities.

Music for the game is done by Sonotrigger, who also worked on mobile games like Supermagical and Empires of Sand.

As mentioned, the game has February pinned for a Steam release, but the developer plans on bringing the game to you no matter what your console of choice is. The official website lists PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, and Wii U. No 3DS, unfortunately, most likely due to the advanced graphics. We still have plenty of time until the initial release, though, so we’ll see if that changes anytime soon.

Source: Red Goddess Game