First Just Cause 3 Screenshots Show Explosions, Action & More

Well, not much more, actually. It’s mainly the explosive action on show in these Just Cause 3 screenshots, courtesy of Game Informer, who have an exclusive on the game as the cover of their December issue.

They’ve also revealed a few details about the game. While they confirmed that it wouldn’t be free-to-play or feature multiplayer (boo!), they state that the returning grapple mechanic will allow Rico to hook on to “nearly any object”. There’s also a nifty wingsuit, allowing Rico to free fall in a much faster and a much more controlled fashion.


It’s set seven years after Just Cause 2, and there’s a 400 square mile map open from the beginning, with enemy posts a la Far Cry or Assassin’s Creed. Sounds great to us.

Just Cause 3 will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year.

Source: Game Informer



  1. Shame they’ve not included a multiplayer like GTA V. It would be incredibly fun and slightly crazy but I can imagine it’s a lot of work.

  2. Wow looks quite gorgeous! :D Amazing. & I would hope they’d add support for modders right at the beginning this time. Since they figured out that they wanted the Unofficial JC2 multiplier to be official :P Also this site loads slow all of a sudden… (USA)

  3. I absolutely loved Just Cause 2, but I am bitterly disappointed that the third instalment won’t feature co-op multiplayer. If Rockstar can do it with GTA, why can’t we have it with JC3?

  4. Only in Just Cause can you jump onto the roof of a plane mid-flight and use a rocket launcher on enemies.


  5. So happy there’s no multiplayer.

    Really enjoyed JC2 and i’ll definitely be getting JC3 but these screenshots are giving me JC2 Remastered vibes. It looks exactly the same but nicer. Do we know if it’s set on the same island?

    • Why would you be happy about the lack of multiplayer?

      • Not everyone wants multiplayer & every game doesn’t need it.

        However, I hear that the mod for JC2 was actually pretty good, so its a bit of a shame that it didn’t find its way in.

      • I guess it’s more about being happy that they have dedicated their attention to single player, I am inclined to agree with this.

      • I guess, like others have said, I’d rather they focus on the single player experience than trying to be a jack of all trades. Plus, the OCD in me is happy to know I dont have worry about any ridiculous online trophies, like kill 10,000 enemies online.

    • Yeah, I noted that the GameInformer cover looked a lot like Panau yesterday when that was reported on.

      Whether that’s just a coincidence or an actual design decision remains to be seen though.

    • The next setting is the fictional Mediterranean island of Medici.

  6. Oh and another thing: JC2/3 is made by Avalanche Studios. Aka not a very big developer AT ALL. This is probably why multiplayer is to much of a daunting task for them. Square-Enix does publish, but they don’t do any of the actual work.

  7. shooting a bazooka from the top of a plane while it’s flying over a what looks like a war zone.

    so about what i’d expect from a Just Cause sequel then.
    fantastic. ^_^

    on a related note, the first two JC games are on sale on Steam, uk price is £2.59 for both games and all the DLC for JC2, or you can just buy JC2 on it’s own for £1.99.
    but for an extra 60p, you might as well get both and the DLC.

    i wanna see if i can try out the multiplayer mod for JC2 later.
    seems to be official on steam now, it’s listed as dlc, so hopefully it should work ok, because i’ve tried getting mods working in other games, and unless there’s a launcher or installer, i rarely get them to work.

  8. Hell. Yeah. Like all the best Arnie movies in video game form. What’s not to love. Roll on Rico!

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