PSN Maintenance On Monday, Could Affect GTA V’s PS4 Midnight Launch

The digital versions of GTA V will launch at 00:00 on Tuesday morning, which is the exact same time which the planned PSN maintenance is supposed to end – meaning that the launch may face disruption if the maintenance overruns.

This maintenance will begin at 6PM on Monday the 17th of November, and you’ll be unable to use account management or access the PS Store for the duration – so you better be sure to start your GTA pre-load before then. You’ll still be able to play online and sign-in if you have your details cached – if you’re signed in over the weekend or on Monday, then you should be fine.

Sony have also mentioned that there “may be some additional downtime after the maintenance period for testing purposes”, which could affect the night owls playing GTA V after the midnight launch.

Hopefully Sony are preparing the servers for the no-doubt massive GTA V PS4 launch; GTA Online was plagued with issues when it first released on PS3 and Xbox 360 last year, with many characters being wiped and players unable to join. And hopefully those servers will be back up and running fully by the time everyone’s ready to play.


  1. Presumably this is for GTA, otherwise it’s terrible, terrible timing.

    Not sure if the character progress transfer is automatic (via Rockstar Social Club) but if not, I may hold fire and check whether people are having problems, don’t want to potentially lose all my progress.

  2. So messaging will take 2 hours with GTAV going online from Tuesday onwards? Check..

  3. That’s a tremendously stupid time to take it down. Get it done the day before so they don’t repeat GTA5 PS3’s launch screwup.

    • Yeah, I agree with doing it the day before… Which of course has nothing to do with my day off on Monday.

      Unfortunately though that would then mean that maintenance would be a Sunday, which I can’t see them doing.

  4. “This maintenance will begin at 6PM on Monday the 17th of November, and you’ll be able to use account management or access the PS Store for the duration”

    Should that have read unable?

  5. Genius.

  6. Wow I thought they couldn’t do a maintenance at anymore moronic time than usual. Well done Sony.

  7. the uk finally gets a game the same day as the US and the rest of Europe, instead of friday, and it’s also the day sony do this.

  8. Smh I can’t make this make sense

  9. Someone really should buy Sony a diary for Christmas.

  10. ahh thats such a shame, why do they have to do this to you guys, just before a big title release like gta ): well at least I know ill have no problems on my xbox one at midnight ,, hey you guys should just sell your crappy ps4’s and buy an xbox one (: problem solved

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