Watch Us Play GTA V On PS4

Update: We did 2 hours of streaming, some early mission stuff, some terrible driving, plenty of first person mode and a bit of general messing around. The archive of the stream should be embedded below, for those of you who couldn’t make it.

We’ve had the PS4 version of GTA V for a few days now but I stopped playing just a couple of missions in so that we could stream it from a nice early point and discover bits and pieces together. GTA V was an exceptional game when it was released last year on PS3 and Xbox 360 so you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s still a great, fun experience. This time, it looks even better.

There’s also that, frankly, insane first person mode to dive into as we do a few missions and a bit of general messing about in the game world. You can let us know what you want to see vie the chat if you watch on Twitch, otherwise, you can see the video embedded below. We’ll be streaming from midday for an hour or two so drop by and see what all the fuss is about.



  1. Sorry, but I’ll be playing myself (not WITH myself) at that time. Lucky you, having it early!

  2. Nice, I’ll be joining in :)

  3. Looks like my work shedule is postponed for another while.. :)

  4. Ohhhhh shiny!

  5. I watched about 20mins or so – the lifeinvader stuff – and came to the following conclusion.

    It looks great but i don’t think that alone would change the gameplay experience enough to justify buying it again.

    • think you are absolutely right mate.
      i bought metro redux and tlou remastered and to be fair,apart from shiny bits here and there they were a bit meh!
      if the were to offer an upgrade i may partake but wont be parting with 40 sheets

  6. Looks really good guys, but Peter your driving is rubbish :) Strikes me that they’ve pushed the graphics up to be level with Watch Dogs, maybe a bit better, which is really impressive.

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