Watch Us Play LittleBigPlanet 3

Thanks to those who tuned in to watch us play a spot of LittleBigPlanet 3. We hope you enjoyed it, and if you missed it, you’ll be able to catch the Youtube archives below (once they’ve finished processing). We’ll be back to do a little more streaming tomorrow, with co-operative Far Cry 4!

Update: Oops, looks like the first part didn’t convert from Twitch to Youtube properly. Silly Youtube!

LittleBigPlanet’s latest outing sees Sackboy get a bunch of new friends and a boatload of new toys to play with. Our review went up this morning, but the game only hitting our shores next week – it’s out in the US today – what better way to follow that up with a live stream to show what the game’s all about?

So join me and Tef at 4PM below or on Twitch itself, as we play a bit of the adventure mode from the start, before hopping around to show you other bits of the game, from Oddsock, Swoop and Toggle to the new Popit Puzzles mode. If you’ve got any questions, pop them in the chat on Twitch as we play, and we’ll do our best to answer.

Watch live video from TheSixthAxis on Twitch


  1. The obvious question is … can you play the campaign levels from lbp 1 and 2?

    • Nope, I’m afraid not. You will be able to play the DLC levels and stories, though.

  2. I enjoyed what little I saw of the live stream, the kids would love it too. Has anyone reviewed the PS3 version?

    • I’ve no idea about the PS3 version for review. My understanding is that it’s almost completely the same, but misses out on a particular tool for live streams, attaching videos from the ShareFactory and is at 720p. Aside from that all of the features are the same.

      • Crikey, that’s unexpected. I’m guessing it’s not cross play across both platforms despite both versions being near identical?

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