Titanfall Deluxe Edition Confirmed For Xbox One & PC

If you’ve been holding off getting Titanfall then your patience has been rewarded as Respawn has confirmed the Titanfall Deluxe Edition, which will contain the full game as well as the three DLC packs that have been released. The DLC packs are Expedition, Frontier’s Edge and IMC Rising, and bring a total on 12 new maps for titans and soldiers to battle it out in. There’s also titan customisation options, co-op play and the Black Market where burn cards can be bought.

It does appear that this will be a digital only thing as there is no mention on Respawn’s site about a physical edition. The Deluxe edition has been priced at $39.99 on Origin, while on the Xbox One store the cost is $49.99. There’s also no mention of any such package for Xbox 360 owners, so it looks like that those on the last gen who want a bundled package will be missing out.


Titanfall Deluxe Edition will release on November 25th.

Source: Respawn 



  1. I would have thought considering Titanfall 2 has been announced as coming to PS4 they would have tried to get any sort of deluxe edition on that platfrom too. Perhaps the exclusivity deal with MS prohibits that or perhaps they just didn’t think it would be worth the time/money for what they’d get out of it. Still, it would be a wise move imo to give PS players something to build on for the sequel.

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