Destiny’s The Dark Below Trailer Takes You To Depths Of The Hive

A trailer has been released to show what you’ll be facing if you own Destiny, and choose to buy the expansion known as The Dark Below. This DLC focuses on the Hive and more specifically the being known as Crota, who is considered a god by the alien species. Crota is the son of Oryx, believed to be the most powerful of Hive, and is a key character in a Hive prediction. That myth states the “Spawn Of Crota”, will bring about Oryx’s return as each world of is taken.


I imagine that progression to the Crota fight will be similar to the Vault Of Glass raid, where you’ll have to fight waves of enemies, solve puzzles, and use special artifacts to counter the more powerful enemies. Maybe the Sword of Crota will make a reappearance, because that was a pretty great weapon to wield. The trailer also confirms that The Dark Below will be available from December 9th.

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  1. I’m only playing the demo but does this mean there will be more than 5 locations to play, over and over and over and over? I’m still addicted to shooting the same people over and over though, I just can’t put it down.

    • 5 locations? Am I missing something??

      There are just 4 to my knowledge – Earth, The Moon, Venus & Mars. Granted they are pretty expansive, but its just those 4 for the moment as far as I am aware.

      • I meant that no matter where you pick to go on earth it’s the same place. Plus I didn’t know there was other planets? :)

      • Ah, I see – Yeah, I totally missed the fact that you said you were playing the demo! Is a belated *spoiler* a thing? ;)

        But yes, there are other locations – You will spend a lot of time revisiting them (as you have kind of alluded to doing on Earth already), but I have personally found that it isn’t getting old yet & continue to pop it on & progress little by little daily.

        It’s likely the Dark below occurs on the Moon. In fact as the main mission relating to Crota is on the moon, I would say its practically a certainty.

  2. VoG has been some of the most fun I’ve had in gaming so I’ve been awaiting this with baited breath. Just after my birthday too!

  3. It looks good, but for me £20 should give me more content than currently on offer. I’m getting seriously bored of doing the same stuff all the time.

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