Batman: Arkham Knight’s Gameplay Trailer Features A New Army

A new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight has been released by Rocksteady, and it features a couple of minutes of gameplay which takes place at the Ace Chemicals Plant. In this segment Batman is trying to rescue some employees of Ace, but has the small problem of an army standing between him and his goal. Gone are the thugs with pipes and machine guns, replaced with a private military firm that has helicopters and tanks.


This army is led by the mysterious Arkham Knight who has been active around the world apparently, leading this force though not letting any of his soldiers know his real identity. Scarecrow is mentioned quite often too with suggestions that he and the Arkham Knight are working together to bring down Batman and Gotham. The trailer also shows the Batmobile in action, showing how smooth it seems to be to transition between that and going around on foot.  I’m quite liking the look of the vehicle combat personally.

Source: Youtube



  1. That looks incredible, can’t wait. Everything seems to work so seamlessly. Let’s hope the launch goes well.

  2. Yip, cannot wait for this game. It’s between this and Dying Light for my most anticipated game.

    On that note, will TSA be doing there most anticipated game feature? Always enjoy reading that in the run up to New Year.

  3. Tissues please!!!!!!!!

    • I welled up too when Batman rescued that scientist…

      Most anticipated game of the new year, undoubtedly.

  4. It’s looking like this is going to be the game that finally convinces me to get a PS4….

  5. Meh!

    Besides the bat mobile, this game looks just the same as the other 2 batman (never played origins) not saying that’s a bat thing (hey) but not that hyped

  6. I wish they’de release details on where to pre-order the friggen bat mobile edition in the UK. It’s really narking me off!

  7. Great looking trailer. I’ve only played Arkham Asylum, loved that, would definitely buy this. The vehicle gameplay reminds me of the Transformers Cybertron games, not a bad thing at all!

  8. That trailer is awesome. Pre – ordered this awhile ago. Cannot wait for it!

  9. I could never get into the Batman games. You can’t jump, he can do all this mental stuff but he can’t jump :\

    • There’s no reason for him to jump!

  10. Yes fam! Game I’m most hyped for in 2015 too! Does it have an actual release date? Or just an estimate?

    • 02 June 2015 at the end of the trailer. Give or take a few days for EU I guess

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