Dominic Monaghan & Shawn Ashmore Confirmed For Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment has lifted the lid on two actors that will be appearing in Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break. Those two are Dominic Monaghan, who you may recognise as Charlie from Lost or Merry from Lord Of The Rings, and Shawn Ashmore, aka Iceman from the X-Men franchise. The news broke on Twitter with Remedy tweeting a picture of the two in mocap suits.


There’s no indication as to how long the pair have been involved with the game, how big their roles will be, orif they will appear in the Quantum Break TV show though if they have a major impact on the story then I wouldn’t be surprised by that. Quantum Break is due to release on Xbox One at some point in 2015, with the TV show to slated  appear alongside the game.

Source: Twitter


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