Podcast: Episode 162 – Interstellar, GTA V & Far Cry 4

After a week off due to various issues, the podcast is back and features the whole crew once again. That’s right, Kev, Lewis, Peter and I all managed to get together for the recording, although Kev was missing in action for the first 7 minutes or so.

Also missing this week is the news, as we simply had too much to talk about. Kicking things off is Peter, who’s been playing a fair bit of Far Cry 4, charging at things with elephants and using the mini helicopter to take to the skies. He’s also been spending a bit of time mucking about in another open world title, namely the PS4 version of GTA V. If that wasn’t enough Peter for you then don’t worry, he’s also got mini reviews of the Mario Kart 8 DLC and Toybox Turbos.

Next up is Lewis, who probably spends as much time talking about Interstellar and Christopher Nolan as Peter did across all four of his games. It’s safe to say he’s a little bit in love with Nolan, so you may be able to predict his thoughts on Interstellar.

Finally there’s Kev, who’s been playing a bit of the iOS tower defence game Alien Creeps TD. Apparently there are still people making tower defence games in 2014, which blew my mind. If you’re wondering what I had to talk about, we were so jam packed that I couldn’t actually fit in the comic book chat that I had lined up. Maybe next week.

As a special treat, this week’s podcast features not one but two quick fire quizzes, alongside our usual listener questions and general insanity.

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  1. I shall play the podcast at half speed, so it seems to go on about an hour longer than necessary. And turn the volume right down so I can’t hear a word you’re saying.

    In case you’re wondering, I wasn’t completely impressed by Interstellar. ;)

  2. After the last Transformers I promised myself I will never again pay money to see a Michael Bay movie at the cinema. And I kept that promise and I passed on TMNT.
    But I did see Interstellar and it is one of the classics for me. The type of movie that should be on imdb 100 list.

  3. Interstellar, quite possibly the best film of all time. Made me cry at a couple of parts, not what I expected from a sci fi thriller, or myself!
    It probably helps if you are familiar with relativity, and ‘basic’ astrophysics. I’ll get the blu ray which will sit nicely with Inception :)

    The Hobbit 3 and Exodus:GaK next !

    • Yes, if you’re a bit familiar with the basics, it works. At least the basic ideas are right (and some whole new physics came out of the film too, I believe). But for the purposes of storytelling, he massively exaggerates things to the point where the science is at least 50% bollocks.

      Still probably his 3rd best film after Inception and Memento though. But a shame about the science (mostly).

      • Inception didn’t really get me. Maybe the hype raised my expectations too high. It was good but not that good in my opinion. That shows how diverse Nolan’s films are. You can love one and hate another (the 3rd Batman is completely messed up for me).

      • Yes, his 3rd Batman film was a bit of a disaster with some unbelievably stupid bits in. Including one bit I can’t believe nobody pointed out that it’s just not in any way possible. Especially not for Batman, who’s a bit of a rubbish superhero with no special powers, just some gadgets.

        That’s 14 hours of my life I’m never getting back. (It was that long, wasn’t it? Felt like it anyway)

  4. Maybe its an unpopular opinion that Interstellar was frankly, a terrible film? Amazing idea executed in the worst way imaginable. The whole 5th dimension bollocks and space time relativity (Perhaps that bit annoyed me because i simply dont beleive in it…).

    I expected so much and received so little.

    On a plus note Far Cry 4 is very good so far.

    • Erm, did you just say you don’t believe in relativity??? A very well understood theory, repeatedly tested and found to be “true” (meaning at the very least a highly accurate approximation), with some wonderfully horrible maths falling out of some very simple equations.

      Trying to show it on film is a bit less successful though, that at least is open to debate.

      • The whole slower ageing thing, i genuinely, do not believe in it. Its just more all witchcraft and wizardry than something believable to me.

        I’m open to it appearing slower when outside the gravitational field or whatever, i believe them when they say clocks in space etc moved slower than elsewhere… But to me, 1 second is the same here as it is on Jupiter, if gravity makes the clock go faster, time isn’t going faster, just the clock is.

        So the point in the film where i just lost it was [Spoiler alert] When he went onto that water planet for an hour and came back and 20 odd years had passed, but then it went on time travel (Impossible) and moving things with gravity from the future into the past to send himself messages from behind a book case. Science fiction or not that was just dreadful.

      • Ah, so you do believe in it, you just don’t realise it.

        Time goes slower in stronger gravity (or faster if there’s less gravity) and slower if you’re moving faster. This is why you have to correct for that with GPS satellites. The theories work perfectly, and you can correct for it and know where you are and get lost.

        But it’s relativity. There’s a clue in the name. If you fly off into space really fast, or land on a expensive looking water planet with lots of gravity, your clock will still be going at the same speed. A second is indeed a second for you. Time isn’t going faster for you and your clock still works the same.

        But for the person left behind, it looks like you have. So you’ve basic done time travel. In the less interesting forwards direction, sure, but still time travel. Time is going at a different speed for 1 of you relative to the other. That’s time travel. With less risk of killing/shagging a grandparent than doing it the other way (which might involve more than 1 universe just to get around that risk).

        And what does “time isn’t going faster, just the clock is” mean? If time goes faster, your clock will go at the same speed as before. It’ll tick once a second, with a second being different. That’s time being different. Your clock will still work and measure exactly the same time, because that’s what clocks do.

        The whole theory works perfectly, as far as we know. It’s been tested very accurately. And it’s still confusing. And possibly falls apart in extreme cases, like inside a black hole.

        The problem I’ve got with the film is that the numbers seem wrong. The gravity isn’t strong enough to slow time by that much. But then someone turning up 5 minutes late isn’t as good for a story as someone turning up 20 years late.

        And the time travel (in the other, more tricky, backwards direction) at the end could be a load of nonsense, I’ll give you that much. It’s certainly not possible without something extreme (like a wormhole), and quite possibly more dimensions than I like to think about. And maybe multiple universes. (A theory I’m not convinced by. It’s a possible interpretation of all the quantum stuff with no real evidence to support it. It could be true, or it could just be some scientists being lazy). It also creates an enormous paradox (which would be solved by the “time travel back into a different universe” solution. Which would be rubbish, because then you’re not solving your problem by sending messages back in time, you’re solving another universes problems)

  5. The ever elusive Honey Badger and all it’s glory.
    One of my top 5 favorite animals in Far Cry 4

    • The Honey Badger is quite an awesome little fella. Great documentary too :)

  6. Lovely start by Lewis. That’s what I missed ^^

    The cinemas in Poland are so empty, that I cannot image to go to a crappy movies because of some people going there alongside me :P So I would choose the Nolan film with no turtles.

    Far Cry does sound great. Especially the random nature moments. Makes the environment really interesting to play in, but I guess that is something very farcry-ish :P A few friends lately told me that they spent over 3h on just throwing meat at a place and waiting for animals to hunt with a bow. Sounds fun, so the game must be good at least. But, I would like to wait until I play the previous one first. Must get the Far Cry bundle for the PS3…This reminds me I still need to buy a PS3. Crap :(

    Interstellar is interesting, but because my wife thinks from the trailers that it is boring and I’m too lazy to go alone to the cinema, I will probably miss this one. Maybe when it comes out “somewhere else” I will pick it up.

    I’m so tempted to buy GTAV, but I don’t want to have another “started, but not finished” game. Currently I’m playing Dust:AET, Dragon Quest VIII and Destiny, but that is mostly a multiplayer game that I can play from time to time simply. Not to mention that the PS3 also has it’s opened games that I didn’t finish because it broke. Assassin’s Creed 3 is one of them. Don’t really care about the FPP option, although applause to Rockstar for what they did in terms of the vehicle inside and details on everything we see now in the characters hands. R* quality once again. Guys, you did it AGAIN. Now, please, Red Dead series next part ;)

    What the hell is the thing with furies and perverts? Why do people always think of this stuff? Did I miss something within the INTERNET?

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