Ninja Pizza Girl Will Be Delivering Itself On PS4

Disparity Games, a small family studio, has announced that it will be releasing platformer Ninja Pizza Girl on PS4. The game has already been confirmed for Steam, Xbox One, Wii U, iOS and Android release, all of which are expected to land during March 2015. The game is set in a world where delivering pizza within 30 minutes is impossible via the traditional means of a car or bike, so instead ninja teenagers are used to parkour across rooftops to get to the delivery points.


Ninja Pizza Girl revolves around a girl called Gemma, who instead of working for a major pizza company, like most of her peers, is instead employed by her father’s smaller operation. This makes Gemma a target for bullying by other teenagers, and this has an affect on the game. Instead of a traditional health bar Gemma’s state of mind is affected by those around her. The example given by Disparity is that of falling down. Should Gemma fall with no one around she’ll brush it off and move on, but if someone sees her fall and mocks her then the world around Gemma loses colour and affects her performance.

It’s definitely a different way to tackle the issues of bullying that many face, and I’m interested in seeing how it plays.

Source: PS Blog



  1. i was gonna say, “like mirror’s Edge, but for pizza deliveries”

    then i watched the video, and it’s reminded me very much of the ios ME game.
    which was a damn good game, the only thing i thought would make it better was proper controls.

    this looks to have the same sort of gameplay, but on a system equipped with a controller.

    and the bullying mechanic sounds like it could generate some discussion.
    sadly i on certain sites i think i know which direction the discussion will turn.
    i can see the terms like “white knight” and “sjw” being used.

    not referring to TSA of course.

    • I think it sounds interesting but would have to see how it works when I play the game.

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