Tales From The Borderlands Release Dates Announced By Telltale


We’ve known about Tales From The Borderlands for about a year now, after it was announced at last year’s VGX event. Now Telltale has announced the release dates for the game, with the first episode releasing today on Steam, as well as PS3 and PS4 in North America. Other platforms will have a bit of a wait, with European PlayStation and all Xbox 360 owners having to wait the longest of the bunch.

  • Tuesday 25th November – Steam (Worldwide), PS4 (North America), PS3 (North America)
  • Wednesday 26th November – Xbox One (Worldwide)
  • Wednesday 3rd December – PS4 & PS3 (Europe), Xbox 360 (Worldwide)

If you can’t wait to get your hands on Tales From The Borderlands then you can order it on Steam for £17.09 as it has 10% off.

Source: Twitter/2/3



  1. Not buying this (having bought ALL their previous games on release). The gap between episodes is too long, and ruins the experience. And they all end up on disc later, thus saving HDD space.

    Vita could have been an option if I couldn’t wait, since it probably won’t get a cartridge release, but it doesn’t appear to be coming to Vita just yet.

    Game looks good though!

    • I’m with you on that one. If they were to release each episode every 2 weeks, I’d be all over it. But it’ll be “monthly episodes” that then take 6 weeks. And then 2 months. With sudden delays of a week for the EU.

      By the time the final episode is released, the whole thing will have been in some sale anyway. Pick up the season pass sometime after episode 3, and then play an episode every week or 2 and you’ll get the last episode just at the right time. For half the price.

      • Indeed. My memory isn’t the greatest either, so I actually forgot something from the first episode, that was key in the last episode, of The Wolf Among Us. I had to Google it – wasn’t quite how I wanted to get the twist at the end! Shame it tarnished the experience, as I actually loved the game.

    • Yep, you can put me in that camp too. I love the walking dead games but given Telltales history with episodic releases, I think I’m better off waiting. I too tend to forget what happened given the long gaps and delays between episodes, having to google some of the characters and episodes to jog my memory as to “why does that guy look familiar”, or “I’m sure that’s supposed to be significant but I can’t remember why”.

      I don’t mind buying digitally but I’ll wait until all the episodes are available so I can play at my own pace and, hopefully, get it a bit cheaper too!

      • We wait until the entire season is out and play it over the course of a week. We’ve hit Walking Dead 1 & 2 and will pick up The Wolf Among Us over Christmas, I reckon. :-)

    • Amen. It’s much better to wait until the whole season is out and you can binge like Netflix.

    • @Youles you don’t save HDD space on the PS4/Xbox One by buying disc based games,the disc fully installs to the HDD the disc just verifies that you own the game ;)

      • I’m not sure that’s true actually – if I recall correctly, downloads tend to be a fair bit more sizeable in terms of install size.

        I can only speak on behalf of PS4 of course – Xbox may well be different.

        Either way, installs are a LOT larger this gen.

      • i’ve always found the install to be the same size between the disc based version and the store,i’ve also checked boxes verses psn store file sizes but you also have to factor in update files,like PvsZ the disc based version says 15GB minimum required the store based one says it’s 14GB,my PvsZ installed from disc now sits at 17.36GB in size sometimes the Xbox One version of a game has a smaller file size compared to PS4 but not sure why,i may indeed be wrong but in the build up to this gen and reading several things and talking to poeople including R1M this is supposedly how it works disc fully installs disc used to verify again i may be wrong ;)

      • i’ve usually found i should say,i havent checked every game lol ;)

      • Are you sure dude, as I’m pretty sure I can hear the disc whirling around inside the PS4, what would be the point in that once I’ve started playing (if the game is installed)?

        I would be interested to know this for sure. Perhaps I can’t use that argument then, although I’d still take physical or digital any day since I’d rather have something physical to show for my money, and I can always trade it in. :)

      • I believe that is just the disc running for verification as it only seems to make the noise for a short period,i also think the hdd may make a bit if noise but here is one article saying the PS4 isn’t designed to play games from disc and reads them from the hdd http://kotaku.com/how-mandatory-game-installations-will-work-on-ps4-1462283797 the Xbox One is the same.

      • Yep, pretty sure the full game is installed whilst the disc is used for verification. My disc based games seem to occupy the same (or near as dammit) amount of space as their digital equivalents. I actually don’t mind buying digital games so much this gen as a result; with PS3 I would resist buying digital because of the amount of space they’d occupy compared to physical copies, whereas now it makes no odds… It’s just nice to have the disc and box.

        That said, digital means I don’t have to keep moving my lazy arse off the sofa to change the disc :-P

        It’s probably the cooling fan or HDD you can hear whirring mate. The only time I can hear mine is when the fan kicks in after extended amounts of play time. Or, it could be that the game is still installing while you’re playing? Doesn’t it only install the bare minimum to start playing when you first insert the disc then installs the remaining while playing? Could be that :-)

      • It installs it either as you play or you can just insert the disc and wait for it to finish,i usually do the later put the disc in and do other things while it rips the disc to the hard drive,you can usually hear when it’s finished fully installing.

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