Teslagrad Releasing On PS3 & PS4 Digitally Next Week, Will Get Physical Release

Rain Games has announced that Teslagrad will be releasing next week on PS3 and PS4 digitally, while a physical release is also on the books for early next year in the UK and the Americas. However, France, Italy, Germany, & Spain will get the physical option from next week at the same time as the digital one. The Vita version of Teslagrad, both digital and physical, is expected early next year.



In further news the Wii U will also be getting a physical release in early 2015 too, though it is already available digitally on Nintendo’s console. I’m pretty tempted by the physical release so I’ll probably get so it can be part of my collection. If you’re interested in finding out more about Teslagrad then you can read Tef’s review of the PC version from the end of last year, in which he scored it a 7/10.

Source: Twitter/Soedesco