Vita Version Of Teslagrad To Be Available From November 24th

Rain Games has announced that it will be releasing Teslagrad on Vita this month, with North America being able to purchase the game from November 24th while Europeans will have to wait until November 27th. There will be both a digital version and physical edition of the game with the former costing €14.99/$14.99, while the latter will be priced at €19,99.


Teslagrad was available on PlayStation Plus a couple of months ago for PS4 and Vita. The Vita edition of the game was announced two years ago, with Rain Games using that time to optimise Teslagrad for the console.

Source: Soedesco



  1. Better late than never! So I guess I can download this version for free when it arrives?

  2. Good game, and tough in places! Platinumed it on PS4, but would be nice to have another playthrough on Vita once I’ve forgotten some of the puzzles!

  3. I’m not 100% sure it is cross buy but if so then woo!

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