New Trailer Shows The Goods For Destiny’s The Dark Below

We got our first look at the Dark Below just a few days ago, but Bungie have been out on the airwaves again promoting Destiny’s first expansion, this time with a trailer that goes into the nuts and bolts of the new gear you’ll be able to use and the new areas you can explore.


As we were told previously, the Dark Below raises the light level cap to 32, adds three new story and crucible missions, at least one new NPC in the tower, a host of new weapons and gear, and a new strike and raid for you and your fire team to sink your teeth into. Speaking of which, that Dragon’s Breath launcher looks pretty saucy.

Let us know if you’ll be heading to the darkness below on December 9th.

Source: YouTube



  1. The more I see of this the more I want it, but I really don’t want to be spending £20 on it. Mainly as that’s pretty bloody expensive for a single bit of DLC, but also for the fact that if we are prepared to pay that sort of money, we are then setting a precedent where we are saying that the pricing structure is ok with us.

    I can’t help but feel that it would get a lot of playtime with the amount I am currently spending on destiny though so am pretty sure I would get my moneys worth.

    But damn, £20?

    • Getting the season pass and buying cheaper PSN credit helps, but yeah… Activision must’ve lost their calculator when they decided that $1=€1=£1…

  2. Well I’m gutted to be honest, if this was around £12 I might have bought it, but at £20 for DLC it’s a rip off IMO.

    I really enjoy Destiny, but getting bored of it now, but I’m not prepared to pay £20 (half of a new game) to extend it a couple of months.

    I’m a bit gutted to be honest, but I have to stick with my principles, I’m not handing my money over and getting ripped off. The more people do it, the more they will carry on charging that amount.

  3. What a horrible, awful
    Americanised trailer that was. I feel like I need a wash after watching that!
    Oh I don’t know what to do about this dlc, I fully agree with what’s been said above, it’s too expensive but destiny has me hooked and I want more. I’m sure I’ll probably get it, like tef said by being the season pass by buying cheap psn credit.

    • I feel the same about the DLC. I’ll placate myself by thinking about how much value I’ve had from the main game for £35-40, but the DLC price is a bit of a joke. I’ll buy it no doubt.

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