A Quick Look At Some Of Tomorrow’s Black Friday Deals

It all started a few years back, as best as I can recall, when Amazon decided to go and slash a few prices on fairly desirable items to coincide with the US tradition of Black Friday. I remember turning up right on time and refreshing the page, only to see that the Xbox 360 deal had disappeared in about 5 seconds flat. All told, it was a relatively timid introduction to Black Friday, but it’s very quickly spread from Amazon to the rest of the retail industry, and tomorrow is set to be one of the biggest in the UK so far.

With reductions on all manner of things, we’re going to take a little look at gaming related offers, and it’s looking as though this might be one of the best times to grab a console bundle ahead of Christmas.


We’ll be updating this story as more details emerge, so try and keep it handy!


Where else to begin than where the latest round of this cultural invasion started? Amazon have been running their Black Friday promotions all week, with their familiar brand of Lightning Deals that stick an unknown number of a particular item on sale at a particular time. Xbox One bundles have already featured once or twice this week, with an Xbox One and Alien: Isolation having fleetingly sold for £269.99, for example.

You’ll want to head to their Black Friday page and filter to “PC & Video Games” early tomorrow morning to see what games and bundles are coming up and at what time, then come back a few minutes early and watch the clock tick down before furiously clicking to try and add it to your basket.

If you’re after a Wii U, then you can’t do much better than Amazon’s bundle – currently as a pre-order ahead of December 5th – which gets you a white Wii U, a Wiimote, Nintendo Land, Wii Party U, Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 for £199.99.

Update: Amazon have the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity bundle and a 360 bundle going on sale at midnight, while the white PS4 and Driveclub bundle is set to go on offer at 12:30AM.


Going in alphabetical order, for the time being, a sheet of Argos’ midnight deals have leaked ahead of time on HotUKDeals, revealing a handful of bundles. Labelled as 4 day deals, to run until December 1st, you’ll be able to grab a PS4, LittleBigPlanet 3 and Minecraft for £299.99. The PS Vita and Lego Mega Bundle will also be at £129.99.

The Xbox One with Fifa bundle is also dropping to £299.99, while an Xbox One with Kinect, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Black Flag and Dance Central bundle will come in at £369.99. In all cases, spending over £100 gets you a £10 Argos voucher.


Similarly leaky is Game’s battleship, with a deal for the PS4 Driveclub bundle and a The Last of Us digital code being tweeted ahead of schedule at £299.99. This has now been confirmed on their site, as has a drop to £29.99 for the DualShock 4 controller, if you’d like to get an extra one.

What we do know for certain is that an Xbox One bundle with codes for AC Unity, AC4: Black Flag, Forza 5 GOTY, Lego Marvel Super Heroes and a £5 Xbox Live voucher will also be available for £299.99.

In terms of games, The Evil Within seems to be dropping down to £24.99, while COD: Advanced Warfare for PS3 and 360 will also drop to £24.99. They’re also flogging some preowned games, with Killzone Shadow Fall down to £7.99.

All of these will feature as part of Game’s midnight openings, and will have limited stocks. They’ll also be running alongside a trio of 4 hour long deals during the day, similar to what we’ve seen over the last week.


The major supermarkets have long been intruding into the gaming world, and Tesco have gone in quite strongly with their £289.99 offer for the plain Driveclub bundle. A PS4 on its own will set you back £279.99


Asda’s deals are split between Friday and Saturday, with an Xbox 360 250GB with Halo 4 and Forza Horizon for £99, while Saturday will see an Xbox One with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Sunset Overdrive and a 3 month Xbox Live subscription for £329.


Sainsbury’s have a standard white Wii U and the freshly released Super Smash Bros. for £179.99

Digital Retailers

Steam have kicked off their Exploration Sale, with a host of offers running until 2nd December. Green Man Gaming has also joined in the action, so that between the two of them, you can grab The Evil Within or Wolfenstein TNO for under £12, so they’re well worth checking out for PC gamers.

For console gamers, there’s a sale on Xbox Live right now and there’s a PlayStation Store flash sale in the US. Even the EU PS Store is getting in on the action with a Black Friday sale and some pretty decent price cuts to be found within.

Those are just a handful of the offers that are going to be bandying around tomorrow, with many plans being kept under wraps. We’ll update this story a few times with more details, links and offers, but if you’ve spotted anything good, do share away in the comments below.

Sources: The hard working deal hunters of HotUKDeals



  1. Don’t forget if you miss out on a deal on Black Friday there’s also Cyber Monday.

  2. Apparently there will be a PS EU sale, but the details won’t be posted up until tomorrow according to the blog staff. Hopefully they’ll put some decent offers up.

    Asda are certainly hitting hard with the 360 bundle. That’s what I call one outstanding offer.

    • Really tempted to get a 360 for £99. Only ever owned playstation consoles so know next to nothing about xbox games. Other than Halo, GOW and Alan Wake (a game I really wanted to play) are there any other exclusive series on the 360 that justify the purchase? Not interested in multi plats because I’ve played everything I wanted to play on the ps3. I’ve also played the Mass Effect trilogy.

      • There are the racing games, stuff like Forza and Project Gotham Racing, but that’s it I think. There are quite a few original xbox games that can be played as well, like Fable (actually 360’s Fable game as well), Halo 2 and a few other games.

        I would say a slice of Xbox is absolutely worth it at that price.

    • They’re up now. Hold onto your bumbags, I’ll just get it posted.

  3. I’ve heard that Sainsburys are also doing PS4 bundles for £299, not sure what games are involved although I suspect it’s the same as other major players.

  4. Picked up a PS Vita slim, with 8g card and race pack for £119. Pretty happy with that.

  5. Bought Dualshock 4 – £29.99, Borderlands Prequel – £19.99 and Assassin’s Creed Rogue for £27.99
    All from Game, not bad methinks. That is my Xmas gaming holidays sorted xD

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