Ubisoft Are Confident The Crew Will Not Have Server Issues On Launch

Assassin’s Creed Unity launched with a number of technical difficulties, as did the most recent PlayStation racing game, Driveclub, so it is understandable people are eyeing The Crew with a small amount of suspicion. However, Ubisoft have said they are confident the game will launch without any online problems.

“For The Crew, we’ve reaped the benefits of a long term beta program, designed specifically to push our infrastructure as far as possible in real world situations, with thousands of players from all over the world playing the game at the same time,” said  The Crew’s lead game designer, Serkan Hasan.


“The launch of any online game these days has potential issues,” he added, “but I hope that players will be encouraged by our open approach. If you had any doubts that we could pull this off, I hope that the betas proved our credentials and the game’s stability.”

I’m not sure how everyone else did in the beta but it kicked me off the servers a number of times, let us hope the launch goes smoothly.

Source: The Metropolist



  1. I had a lot of trouble find players for multi-player races during the last closed beta. The co-op was better.

  2. I took me ages to get into the game because the game couldnt connect to servers – let me play offline then. Frame rate was constantly dropping, i wont be buying.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t P2P connections be much better than relying on servers? I don’t really get why companies dedicate so many servers for games when it could be easier..

    • P2P would be worse. Relying on someone to host for everyone else and getting the “picking new host” message when the host goes offline. Dedicated servers are always better for games like this.

      • What about givin players the choice, like with L4D2? Best of both worlds?

  4. I’m not convinced, after numerous tries over several days i didn’t manage to play the beta once.
    It kept giving me an error code and a link to ubi support – a generic support link which wasn’t specifically for The Crew and when i tried searching the error code i got nothing. Looking at the actual support page for The Crew all it does is tell you how to change your settings if you are on Nat 3. I’m on Nat 1 so i presume it should be working for me?

  5. Played the beta. No. Just no.

  6. Tried both the beta tests, first attempt had trouble connecting to servers eventually got online but found the handling was really floaty and the game was lacking a sense off speed,second attempt connected no problem but again the feeling of it just didn’t sit right with me. Tried loads of different driving settings alas just couldn’t find a happy medium. The Crew is now completely off my to buy list. Shame because theres a real lack off driving games this new gen. Back to Driveclub then.

  7. a ubisoft game not have issues?

    yeah, and i’m the queen of england.

    oh and of course there’s the heavily integrated online aspect.

    not like ubisoft have ever had issues with their online services, right?

    yeah, nothing can go wrong here. >_>

    it’d be funny watching it all fall to pieces, if it wasn’t for all the people who spend money on the game and may get another broken mess.

  8. One reason it might not have server issues is that not many people will be playing it.

    I downloaded the beta, got to the garage where the games had to download a further 10+ gig of data before I could go any further, from the slowest server I’ve ever come across.

    The game left me underwhelmed to say the least, yes the idea of having the entire North American region to drive around in is appealing, but the visuals just are not that good, the handling, oh the handling, canal boat anybody? (and I picked the Nissan).

    I guess these beta programs are the demos of the PS2 era, at least we can get a ‘feel’ for the thing.

    Oh and in free drive thingy, I was annoyed to say the least by another player, who’s sole aim was to harass me with their finger planted firmly on the horn, trying to crash me. Yet another reason to despise forced on-line crap.

    No thank you Ubisoft, go away, and think about what you’ve done.

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