Major Destiny Patch Overhauls Exotics And Item Upgrades

Today’s Destiny patch, bringing the game up to version 1.1 when it lands this evening, is all centred around exotic weapons and how you go about your end game gear. Not all of the changes are going to please everyone, though, and I can immediately see that some points are potentially going to be quite annoying.

Many exotic weapons have been re-balanced and adjusted, so that guns like Thorn and Bad Juju have a place in more people’s hearts, while SUROS Regime isn’t quite as powerful during the second half of a clip as it once was. However, upgrading them has changed quite significantly as exotic weapons and armour will no longer use what the Bungie post calls “Destination Materials”, which is just a really stupid way of saying Ascendant Energy and Ascendant Shards, as far as I can tell.


Instead you will now need an Exotic Shard for that final upgrade, which can only be earnt by smashing up another piece of exotic gear or buying one from Xur for 7 strange coins. That’s the bit that’s going to be annoying, because as we all know, Xur is only around on a Friday and Saturday.

If you’re just after legendary item upgrades though, you can now get your materials from completing the daily patrol bounty and the daily heroic story mission, another tweak in amidst a number of tweaks and fixes to the game.

Read on for the full change list, courtesy of Bungie:

Exotic Weapons are designed to look, feel, and sound overpowered. At the same time, they are not supposed to break the balance of the game. We hope these weapons challenge the way players think about their loadouts. Exotics will be a constant work in-progress!
  • In preparation for the Dark Below, Exotic Armor and Weapons no longer require Ascendant Materials to upgrade
  • The final upgrade node of all Exotic Gear will require an Exotic Shard
  • Exotic Shards can be obtained by one of the following means:
    • Dismantling unwanted Exotics
    • Purchased from Xur for 7 Strange Coins
  • Exotics now start at a higher base Attack value and have a narrowed upgrade range to compensate
  • Projectiles now briefly highlight targets on impact
  • Mark of the Devourer DoT (damage-over-time) upgrade increased against PvE enemy targets
  • Reload Speed increased
  • Magazine Size increased
  • Ammo inventory size increased
  • Stability and Weapon Handling increased
Bad Juju
  • Magazine Size increased to 8 bursts (was 5)
  • Ammo inventory size increased
  • String of Curses now also decreases the cooldown of your Super on kill
  • Adjusted effects to not block first person reticle
Hard Light
  • Stability increased
  • Perfect Balance upgrade replaced by Fitted Stock (increases maximum possible weapon Stability)
Suros Regime
  • Lowered total damage at the end of the mag on SUROS Regime upgrade to be more in line with the Glass Half Full perk on Legendary Auto Rifles
Monte Carlo
  • Stability increased
  • Range slightly decreased
  • Monte Carlo Method upgrade now also has a chance to fully charge melee ability on kill
MIDA Multi-Tool
  • MIDA rounds now have increased knockback against targets in both PvE and PvP
  • Send It upgrade (which was redundant) replaced by Speed Reload
Red Death
  • Rate of Fire increased slightly, but Burst Damage reduced to compensate
Plan C
  • Weapon Handling speed increased
  • Player Speed increased while Plan C is in hand
Pocket Infinity
  • Speed Reload upgrade replaced by Extended Clip which allows the option to increase magazine size (5 bursts)
Vex Mythoclast
  • Attack Power increased to 323 (from 300)
  • Base Damage increased, fixing bug we introduced in previous patch
  • Enhanced Battery upgrade by Extended Mag (this change still allows for a significant upgrade to Magazine Size, but less than before)
  • Reload Speed increased significantly, auto fires slightly slower
Ice Breaker
  • Send It upgrade replaced by Lightweight (which was redundant as Icebreaker already had maximum range)
  • New effects for enemies killed by Ice Breaker upgrade
Patience and Time
  • Snapshot upgrade replaced by Custom Optics (provides a lower zoom option)
Super Good Advice
  • Stability increased
  • Magazine Size increased to 3 (was 1)
  • Fixed an issue we introduced in a previous patch, in which Atheon did not correctly send 3 players through the time gates
  • Fixed an exploit where the Templar could be forced off its platform
Daily Heroic Story
  • Destination Materials now drop from completing the Daily Heroic
  • Removed the ‘Relic Hunter’ Bounty
  • Destination Materials now drop from completing the Daily Patrol Bounty
  • Reduced Cryptarch reputation gain from Engrams, but reputation reward packages now have an increased chance for Legendary Engrams
  • Players will now be able to use Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks to purchase Spinmetal, Relic Iron, Spirit Bloom, and Helium Filaments from the Vanguard and Crucible Quartermasters in the Tower
  • Xur now sells a new material, Exotic Shards, to upgrade the final node of Exotics for 7 Strange Coins
  • Faction Class Items (ex: FWC Cloak, Dead Orbit Mark, etc.) are now replaced by Faction Emblems in the rank-up reward packages from Faction Vendors
  • Networking fixes, which should reduce the instance of the Bee family of KTOs
  • Fixed an issue in which using Xbox One party chat induced a slower frame rate


  1. The fact you can now purchase upgrade materials with Marks makes me very happy! No more endless material farming!

    • Why would you spend marks (which are much more valuable) on mats when they are so easy to come across whilst doing your thing out in the wild?

      Personally, I will still be using my marks for what I have been – Buying legendary weapons, trying them out & then sharding them if I don’t get on. Ascendant mats are much more valuable to me at this stage.

      • Because ascendant mats are available in other ways. Regular mats previously required grindin so having a means of buying them through marks, which are usually worthless, unless you need mats or legendary armour to get to 27-28 to take part in the raid for better gear and more ascendant mats, is most welcome. Soon much better than mindlessly running in a circle hoping for a chest with 12 in.
        Also, at that price? Bargain. Will likely be nerfed to be less now that everyone is swimming in mats.

  2. Just as I get the exotic monte carlo they go and reduce the range! Thank god for the ability to buy materials, the farming is bloody boring and annoying!

    • Yeah but on the plus side, its now more stable & has a chance to fully charge your melee ability on kill too.

      As it is an auto rifle, I am guessing it was killing from quite some distance to receive a nerf to the range?

  3. At least I can finally use Bad Juju. For an exotic, it never felt like one.

    • Tried it out last night. It’s nice now (although probably still no use for pvp).

      • I haven’t really been on Destiny much lately but I’ll give it a go at some point and test out Juju in PvP. I always found that I just ran out of in a magazine before I could take someone out – with more bursts to a magazine I feel like it could actually do some damage.

      • That’s true actually – & then if you do kill them then your clip will be magically refilled ready for the next encounter!

        If only the health bar did the same… ;)

  4. Still loving this game and very much hooked, so any small change is appreciated. My only fear is I am rapidly approaching only having the VoG left to play, but am unlikely to find the time to coordinate 6 people to play with. I really hope they open up matchmaking soon.

    • Have they given any indication that they will provide matchmaking options for the raid? I don’t think I have seen anything & I think they have deliberately made it so you need to get a party together as communication is pretty damn important whilst going through it.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think it should probably be an option at least (to fill in that final space or whatever), but should you get some fool who doesn’t care what the rest of the group are doing or cannot communicate, it could ruin the entire experience.

      • I’m sure I read somewhere it is being considered, but as you say they are still against it currently. I don’t see much problem in opening it up, once it has been running a while people will either fall into a groove with it or give it up, which would eliminate useless players. Perhaps put a condition that a headset is required, or a level requirement of 28 to keep it to people that have put some time into endgame.

  5. So I like most of these changes – Bad Juju actually feels worth using now & Truth having three shells to fire is simply wonderful. Took out a lower level boss in one go last night with it.

    What I didn’t like was completing a public event & then getting nothing in terms of ascendant materials in the mail when I got back to the tower. That was something I could have done without as I just need one ascendant energy to upgrade my Corrective Measure.

    Also, the final upgrade for exotic weapons is now a little frustrating, as I now need to wait until the weekend to upgrade one of my weapons – Unless I happen to complete the exotic bounty I am working on in the meantime of course, but I had planned on popping my additional Bad Juju into the vault for one of my other characters to use… When I eventually get around to creating another of course.

    • Oh & I don’t know if it was just me, but public events seemed to be a lot less frequent last night – Was going to see if the issue with my mail package was due to my missing the beginning of the public event that I completed (which shouldn’t have been an issue), but spent ages on the moon just tootling around a bit later on & not a single one occurred.

    • Ok, so I have done a bit of googling & it seems that public events are now awarding motes of light (directly) rather than ascendant materials (collected from the postmaster).

      Whether a bug or intended change I cannot be sure (it wasn’t in the notes anywhere), but yay for receiving useless materials rather than useful ones! :/

      • No, it wasn’t just you – I also got nothing from the tower after soloing a daily event (did get a shard when the event finished tho, but that’s all). Bit gutted about Bad JUJU being improved as I destroyed mine a couple of days ago as it was shite – shame as it looked cool.

      • I did also get a mote of light – thought it was because I’d levelled up – should have checked really.

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