Podcast: The Year According To Teflon

This week’s podcast is trying something a bit different. With Peter busily importing Thanksgiving to Northern Ireland, Kev contending with a leaking roof and Lewis just generally overworked, it was looking like you’d be listening to me singing mournful songs for an hour. Fortunately I’d had to the foresight to arrange for Teflon to come on this week’s episode, and what followed was an experiment.

As it’s December it seems like an appropriate time to look back over the year, and that’s just what I asked Teflon to do. Instead of following the podcast’s usual format, we had a much more free-form conversation, looking back over his highlights of the year – both personally and in terms of games.

He picked out two games that really defined 2014 for him, Destiny and DriveClub, and talked about both in depth, contextualising them into what he sees as broader trends in the industry. Destiny, for him, represents the shift towards shared experiences and the growth of co-op, while DriveClub serves as somewhat of a whipping boy for the online issues that are regularly plaguing game launches now.

Beyond the games that have defined his 2014 he talks about what he’s been up to broadly. This ranges from having chest pains in LA during E3, to the best bars near Gamescom, and onto his utter disdain for Pizza Hut. To say we drift off topic is a bit of an understatement, but hopefully it’s all entertaining.

Don’t worry, the podcast should return to normal with its next episode, but if you liked this different approach to the episode then do let us know in the comments below or via Twitter.

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  1. Wonderful stuff guys, really liked it. I didn’t take notes this time (as I normally do), so this comment won’t be that hard to read :P

    One of my friends during a Raid session which took as about 5-6h said that “guys, you know that Destiny would not be what it is if it wasn’t for the Parties?” (he was talking about the PSN Party app) and that I think summarises why I think Destiny was such a big success. It is how it created a well working, co-op friendly community. It’s hard to give Destiny a very great review score, because we know what went wrong: story, content, the let down after the hype level at start. I play it now. I’ve played it since day one. I was bored with it two weeks ago, gave me a break, jumped in after a week – played yesterday 4h of Skirmish (best co-op PvP ever!). That’s the game Destiny is basically.

    I really enjoyed Teflon talking about the reasons behind the recent problems. Games or networking. I share the same opinion and I’m glad I’m not the only one :P People all around me accuse me of the Stockholm syndrome :(

    Anyway loved the podcast. Hope to hear more. Ooooo, a year review from Angry Lewis would be awesome :O

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