The Crew Launch Trailer Released, Companion App Not Coming Until 2015

Ubisoft’s open world online racer The Crew is releasing this week and, if you choose to, you will be able to drive across the United States in a vehicle of your choice while completing missions, tasks and races. As a way to announce the game is out this week Ubisoft has released a launch trailer, which includes at least one fatal crash involving a head on collision with a lorry. Many of you may have played the beta of The Crew and may have already made up your minds, one way or the other.


In other The Crew news it appears that the companion app, in which you can view the game’s map and customise your vehicles, actually won’t be available at the launch of the game. In fact the app has been given an ambiguous 2015 release date. This information comes via Videogamer who saw the date on the back of the game’s box. The app unlocks additional content in the game too, but it is unknown what. Ubisoft have yet to comment on the app’s status.

Source: Youtube/Videogamer



  1. “Many of you may have played the beta of The Crew and may have already made up your minds, one way or the other.”

    Yep, played the beta, it was awful. The trailer looked great but the game needs a massive improvement from the closed beta. I wish Ubisoft would just make Driver San Francisco 2.

  2. “The app unlocks additional content in the game too” – It will have to be something substantial as most folk will be finished the game by the time it’s released.

  3. All I could think about when the two crews went head to head was that scene in Anchorman.

  4. What was the point in having a closed beta, and not reporting on the feeback, so close to the launch date? Surely the beta was to get feedback and have last minute fixes on the game before launching. It seems this was just a high profile beta so Ubisoft can say that they QA’d the game after the Unity fiasco. But it doesn’t really seem to serve any qualititive function if you’re not going to actively use it.

    Not to mention what’s the point in having a companion app if it’s not available on launch. You’re locking part of the game and not even letting day one adopters get to it. It’s pointless and a practice Ubi seem to want to push in all their games now despite being inept at it. I can see this release going down just as well as Unity’s and FC4’s and I hope it does cause if it’s as unoptimised and as unfinished as their recent projects they deserve whatever comes their way for yet another poor product.

    • If you did the post beta questionnaire then you could view the results for most questions, although interestingly not the “are you going to buy it” question. The biggest gripe by far when I looked was the handling (50%+ selected it), but I doubt they’d be changing something so fundamental this late in the dev process.

      I dunno tho’, it seemed flawed in a number of areas but still mostly enjoyable, if the servers stand up… which the beta did little to suggest they might.

  5. Am I the only one who finds companion apps a waste of time.

    I played the pirate routes on AC and use the BF one to look at gun stats and that is about it.

    • Nope, they generally are a waste of time – Downloaded the BF4 one & haven’t really used it at all. Haven’t bothered with one since as they are just all so pointless & seemingly add nothing of value!

      They are nothing more than a marketing tool these days – The app stores are just another place to advertise that a game exists by having an app available.

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