Miegakure Is A 4D Game Coming To PS4

Miegakure has been announced for PS4 and developer Marc ten Bosch has explained that it is a 4D game for the PS4. It’s actually quite a complicated explanation on what the game is trying to achieve, so it’s handy that a video describing what Miegakure is has been released. Essentially it appears that the 4th dimension in this case allows you to shift into a new location that occupies the same space as the location you’re in.

In the blog post it is explained in a way to say that we as 3D beings can’t perceive a 4th dimension, much like a 2D object living in a 2D world can’t perceive the 3rd dimension, sort of like Fez. Personally I think the more I try to explain the concept of Miegakure the more confused I get, so it really is a good idea to watch the short video above. It clears up some of the theories behind the game.]

Source: PS Blog



  1. better lay off the sauce for this one!

  2. My brain is bleeding.

    I like the way the guy explains it as if he’s showing his four year old how to tie his shoelaces.

  3. seems pretty simple to me, travel to a future point in time where the wall has been destroyed, cross over the rubble and then return to the time you came from.

    i’m guessing going back to before the wall was built might also be an option.

    the video made it seem more complicated than it needs to be.

    i’m sure i’ve played a game or two that featured a similar mechanic.

    still, it’s an interesting mechanic for puzzle solving and it hasn’t been used much.
    if they can think of uses more interesting than just getting past impassable barriers this could be a cool title.

  4. But will it support 3D?

    • i don’t think so, but it’s should be compatible with a 4d tv. ^_^

      • Is that one of those curved ones that bend through spacetime? Got a headache last time I used one.

  5. This game disappeared so far up it’s own arse it turned inside out.

  6. I really can’t be arsed to work this out. His voice doesn’t help.

  7. Just pinned that video as a favourite on YouTube to help with my insomnia.

  8. I suppose all ‘3D’ games are infact 4D, considering that the 4th dimension is time. The main selling point here is being to travel backwards (theoretically impossible) and forth in ‘time’.

    • All things consist of four dimensions and/or more (should you believe/follow that theory) but we humans in our current form can only perceive three.

      But I do wonder if/how the same thing applies to digital content given the code doesn’t change…. Hold up, patches. Current gen is all about that 4D.

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