Final Fantasy VII PS4 Port Announced

In a move that will likely please many, although perhaps not as much as we initially thought, Final Fantasy VII will be coming to PlayStation 4. While that may have those of you who’ve been begging Square Enix for Final Fantasy VII for years jumping for joy, don’t get too excited, as it’s just a PC port.

That’s right, it’s not the remake that people seem to have been pleading for since the PS3’s inception. It even seemed like Square Enix were getting ready to announce it when they took to the stage at the PlayStation Experience event. Alas, all they had to show was a PC port of the game. While a PC port for Sony’s new hardware may be appreciated by many, it’s not as exciting as a full remake would have been.


However, if some classic style Fantasy VII is exactly what you desire, check out the trailer below.



  1. Wish it was FFIX instead

    • Or both! The raw assets for FFIX were apparently too much for the PSone to handle at the time as well, so it would be nice to get a port at the game’s full potential.

  2. Have played the original pc release complete with midi emulation for the proper music, that version had many more frames of animation. The latest release had achievements so it’s going to be easy for trophies.

  3. People are saying Square were trolling fans for taking to the stage to announce that and I tend to agree, they made such a big deal over the introduction I genuinely thought a full HD remake for PS4 was on the cards.

    Having said that, if it has a platinum trophy I’ll probably get it anyway, I do love a bit of FF7. Any excuse to replay it again.

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