Killing Floor 2 & The Forest Coming To PS4 As Geometry Wars & Bastion Head To Vita

As you’d expect from a PlayStation conference, Sony have announced plenty of new indie titles coming to their console next year, as well as some bonus titles showing up on PS Vita. This batch starts with the sequel to killing floor, a game full of brutality and bloodshed as you fight off monsters with all manner of weaponry.

Then there’s Darkest Dungeon, which has quite an interesting art style and appears to be a turn-based fighting game.

The Forest might already be out on PC, but the survival game will be making its console debut on PS4.

Orcs Must Die will also be winging its way to Sony’s newest hardware, with a new Unchained version making its console debut on PS4.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions just released on PS4, but it’ll be heading to PS Vita too, along with SuperGiant Games’ Bastion, which is a really superb title, as well as Shovel Knight which won Indie game of the year at The Game Awards. Finally, Severed from Guacamelee developer will be coming to PS Vita:


  1. I’ve wanted Bastion on the Vita for years. Finally!

    • Aye, it’s a cracking game and it’ll play lovely on the Vita.

      • Not played it but I know it’s made by the Transistor team so count me in especially with it being on the vita.

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