No Man’s Sky Continues To Look Ridiculously Good In Newest Trailer

No Man’s Sky has looked absolutely fantastic since we first laid eyes on it last year, and it continued to blow our socks off in its newest trailer. The video begins with the player exploring one of the many procedurally generated plants before laying eyes on what looks to be a robot. They quickly escape to another planet where they find what appears to be a portal that takes them to somewhere entirely different.

So many questions remain unanswered about No Man’s Sky but it’s still hard to be anything but excited about what we’ve seen. It was also announced that the band 65 Days of Static will be doing the entire soundtrack for the game. You’ve likely already heard their work in all the previous No Man’s Sky trailers.


Take a look and be excited with us.

Source: YouTube



  1. Wow, beautiful! Bring it on, I’m ready for a release date now :)

  2. Brilliant! I just hope that isn’t the in game music though!

  3. I have so many questions about this game. For example, is it cloud based ? Because I know that each planet has it’s own string of code, the blueprint one which it is generated. They said, everytime you go back to the same planet the same features will be there. So basically, somewhere that first result of the generated code must be saved. And all that information for millions of planets will be stored on my PC or PS4 ?

    • I’m assuming it uses a generator that always returns the same answer.

      • What about the changes I make to the planet ? The minerals I mine, the caves that collapse. Can I exterminate an entire race from a planet ? Will the generator know these things ?

        And another big thing, what are my objectives ? Find other players, while I get to the middle of the galaxy ? Can the two of us meet ?

      • Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to those questions. I can only speculate:

        I suppose it may store information on what you’ve done on each planet, allowing it to bring that back should you return. However other players won’t see your changes unless they’re fed to a server. I have to believe some things reset when you leave.

        I think Hello Games said you can encounter other players. As to your purpose, I’m not even sure the developers know. Seems like a make-up-your-own adventure simulator to me. I think it was said you can improve your ship, so there must be some forms of progression.

  4. I really hope this is going to be a Morpheus game

  5. Do we know what the plot/narrative/objective for this game is yet? It’s all very good having pretty worlds to explore but I’d need a good reason to do it or I’m worried that this game will get tedious quite quickly…

  6. Through the portal you see the same creature flying about in the sky. Maybe it’s a long-distance-but-on-one-planet type of transport system.

    So hyped for this game. Can’t wait.

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