San Diego Studio Invite You To Help Shape Kill Strain’s Development

Shortly after showing off a teaser trailer for MLB 15, San Diego Studio moved on to announcing one of two new and previously secret IPs. While one will stay hidden behind closed doors for now, they have revealed a few tidbits about Kill Strain.

Designed from the ground up as a free to play top down shooter, this will feature a potentially quite innovative asymmetrical 5v2v5 multiplayer. Aside from that, very little was actually revealed, other than that they’ll be opening up the doors to the public in the near future and allowing us to play the game, give feedback and help to shape the game into something that the community wants.

You can head right over to right now – well, it’s not actually live right now, but I’m sure it will be soon – and sign up for the beta next year. Sadly, we got to see nothing more than a logo shown on stage, but it’s available to play on the show floor at PlayStation Experience.


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  1. From the website: ” Only available to players in North America”. Early Access that is, not sure about the full game.

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