Seven Titles Announced For PS Vita, Including Resident Evil And Banner Saga

Sony just won’t stop with these Vita game announcements. While they’re mostly ports and there are very few original titles coming to the platform, it’s still nice to see a lot of content heading to the system.


Announcements at the PlayStation Experience keynote came very fast, and included Resident Evil Revelations, Super Time Force Ultra, Suikoden & Suikoden II, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, The Banner Saga, and even TowerFall Ascension with its new expansion.

Yes, that’s a lot of PS4 ports, but at least there’s plenty of variety in there – though I’m not quite sure how TowerFall will work, will they finally add in online multiplayer? Speaking of which, they also announced that Gangbeasts will be making its console debut on PS4.



  1. Got my hopes high when I saw the ‘Seven’ and the ‘Resident Evil’ bits, but then boom, and all those horrible pixels let it down.

    Nevertheless, Octodad and Revelations are highlights for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if TowerFall was just ad hoc.

  2. So, no new games for Vita? Damn.

  3. With Vita doing ‘well’ in Japan can we not expect more games than just these? I’m seeing barely any physical releases coming up in 2015…

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