Skytorn Coming To PS4 Next Year

Due to the amount of games that have been announced over the weekend some were bound to slip through the cracks when they were first shown, and one of those is Skytorn. It is  2D platformer with procedurally generated dungeons and all of the lands float in the sky. The game’s name comes from the fact that this sky world is falling apart, and the society that once ruled has all but crumbled.


The secrets of what made the society great in the first place do exist, but are lost in the dungeons that have been overrun by various monsters which you’ll have to eradicate. The game has been created by Noel Barry alongside those behind Towerfall Ascension, and Night In The Woods. Much of the game is focused on the combat side of things as well as exploring the various locations.

Skytorn is coming to PS4 as well as PC, Mac and Linux.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Indie-Metroid?

  2. Looks good! But I’d be far more likely to get it on the Vita.
    This doesn’t really suit a big 40″ television. A small Vita screen though? Perfect.

  3. If anyone buys this then complains about the lack of antialiasing on a AAA title I will kick them in the cave/flesh balloons.

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