The Last Of Us Gets New Multiplayer Content This Week

The Last Of Us has the option of some new add ons for the Factions multiplayer mode, though not all are available on the PS3. Specifically these are additional execution animations that cost $0.99 each, and since there are nine of them the total cost for all is $7.92. Of course that’s not all you can buy as there are some new weapons to use against others, as well as attire too. The full list is below.


Tactical Weapons Bundle – $2.99

  • Tactical Shotgun,
  • Burst Pistol
  • Frontier Rifle
  • Crossbow

Risk Management Survival Skills Bundle – $3.99

  • Lone Wolf – skill that grants you temporary survival skills when you are away from your team
  • Second Chance – skill that gives you a free health kit when you have none and take more than half damage.
  •  Jack of All Trades – skill that grants you grab-bag level 1 skills at discount.
  •  Lucky Break – skill that allows you to get more ammo and crafting ingredients when you open supply boxes.
  • Lethal Efficiency – skill that allows you to perform a faster, low-to-the-ground neck snap when performing a special execution.

Misfit Head Item Bundle – $6.99

  • Viking Hat
  • Plague Mask
  • Smiley Mask
  • Outlaw Mask
  • Ski Goggles
  • Broken Gas Mask
  • Ballistic Helmet
  • Urban Camo Helmet

Gestures Pack 2 – $2.49

  • Dust Myself Off
  • Evil Laugh
  • Game Over
  • Intimidation

Gestures Pack 3 – $2.49

  • You’re Done
  • Combat Formation
  • Stretch
  • I’m Watching You

I would say that Season Pass holders get all of this content free, but Naughty Dog hasn’t clarified on the blog whether that is actually the case. I don’t think it is since the season pass originally advertised three DLC drops, all of which have arrived. In fact the cost of all of this additional content costs more than season pass, and that was much more worthwhile. If we’re going in dollars the season pass is $19.99, while this stuff in total will cost you $26.87.

Source: Naughty Dog



  1. Didn’t realise the new content was going to be just some cosmetic stuff. What a shame. Oh well.

    • Yeah, I thought I read somewhere they were going to announce a new multiplayer or online mode over the weekend at the PS Event.

  2. I’m not a fan of microtransactions in general but I might have to drop some cash for those special executions. And maybe the crossbow ;)

  3. Could do with some extra custom classes for the new weapons, and since there were the scoped weapons too.

    Gutted there’s no new maps or modes, especially after ND bigged-up something exciting coming to Factions at PS Experience. Hardly ground breaking stuff.

  4. Naughty Dog really do like adding hundreds of pounds worth of useless micro transactions to their games, don’t they.

    Is Factions going F2P like Uncharted’s MP did? Looks like that’s where it’s headed.

    • Are they all pretty much avoidable when it comes to the basic enjoyment of the title? For example, LBP has costumes/stickers/etc. galore but none of it impacts the fundamental fun you can have with it.

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