Elite: Dangerous Gets An Epic Launch Trailer

Frontier Developments have released the launch trailer to coincide with Gamma 2.0 update for Elite: Dangerous.


The trailer features a thunderous rock soundtrack and an an epic battle around a space station but comes with disclaimer in rather small lettering. Yup, this is a cinematic trailer and not footage from the actual game. Ho hum.

Source: YouTube



  1. Is that Lave???????

  2. I’m just waiting, very patiently, for the PS4 release announcement trailer.

    • I don’t usually preorder things, but if they were to make such an announcement, I think I’d make an exception in this case.

      • Mt too, unless Ubisoft announced they were to be the publishers

      • Me too, unless Ubisoft announced they were to be the publishers.
        [the typos above serve me right for trying to type, conduct a conference call and eat my lunch at the same time]

    • Have they actually confirmed they are developing or porting it to PS4? I understood they were “thinking” about it…

      • Not officially confirmed, no. David Braben has been kind of deliberately avoiding anything close to an official announcement until the PC version is finished but has said they’re considering it and it would be “stupid not to”.

        Pretty much guaranteed to happen sometime in the next year or so isn’t it?

      • I understand the architecture of PS4 to be fairly similar to PC (much more so than PS3) so it shouldn’t be a massive reworking of the code.

  3. This game… this game…. This game is the one experience I been waiting for since I’ve started playing. I’m not just talking about playing video games, im talking playing! I should have put this in to Peters “Han Solo” article that he posted earlier. I totally understand that sentiment.

    This game, the Oculus Rift, and my HOTAS has made a dream come true. I can navigate the whole of the Milky way as we know it (and a whole lot more) in the comfort of my own living room, in a way that is totally immersive.

    Thank you Frontier. I got the pleasure of thanking David Braben personally at the launch even at Duxford IWM a few weeks back.

    But this trailer is nothing like the game I’m loving at the moment.

  4. “Elite: Dangerous will require a constant connection to a server in order to function.” (Geek.com) This is the only reason I haven’t pre-ordered this game. After all the issues with console games lately I’m going to wait and see how the servers handle the load before deciding.

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