Destiny’s Expansion Strike Will Remain In Rotation, The Iron Banner Returns

The Will of Crota Strike, part of The Dark Below expansion, has been added to the weekly to the Nightfall and Heroic rotation list.

This means that at some point in the future those without the expansion pack will be locked out from doing the weekly strikes. This week’s Strikes are back to normal so everyone can play them.


In slightly better news the Iron Banner event returns today and will run until next Tuesday. Lord Saladin will be on hand to distribute level 31 gear and criticise your shaders.

Bungie also revealed that actress Morla Gorrondona, voice of Eris, is also responsible for the “screams of the Wizards and the screeches of the Thrall.”

The Dark Below is also having a few problems on Xbox One players have to re-download a patch every time they play Destiny, this is being investigated. Additionally, anyone playing the game using a modified console will face the banhammer.

Source: Bungie



  1. What an absolute joke. 2 weeks on the run of not being able to do the weekly heroic and nightfall strikes. If this is supposed to force me to get the expansion they need to think again, it’s having the opposite effect and making me not want to even play the game at all.

    • It’s the summoning pits strike this week.

    • Yeah with this and the latest crap that Bungie have pulled, like the new commendations just to make the grind longer; as if the grind in this game isn’t long enough,makes me give up on this game altogether!

  2. Are you sure tuffcub that the new weekly isn’t actually phogoth? That’s what I’ve heard!

    • Yes it is, the Dark Below strikes are in the rotation list now – that doesnt mean they are this weeks strikes, but they will appear at some point again. I’ll edit to clear that up.

  3. As a result of the way the are handling the DLC i have sold the game today. This is really a joke. £20 for a strike and 2 story missions and then locking people who dont buy it out of the weekly strikes.

  4. not touched destiny since the second week of release. Not my cup of tea, should of got rid of it sooner really. How much did you get for it Leroye?

  5. Personally I don’t see a problem in this, a new strike, in rotation with all the others? As someone who owns the DLC, I actually *want* this! Controversial I know.

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