TSA Game Of The Year 2014: Platform And Side Scroller

We’ve tweaked the category this year, as some of the titles – the Ubisoft ones – couldn’t really fit properly in other categories such as action/adventure, RPG, or racing, so rather than this being a purely platforming-based pool of games, we’ve taken all forms of side scrolling games into account too.

LittleBigPlanet 3, which was our third place in this category, is more akin to your traditional platformer, however. Naturally, there’s the create options to set it apart but it is, at its core, a platform game, particularly with the new addition of Odd Sock who brings a more fast-paced style of running and jumping to the fore.

But in second place is Valiant Hearts. This side scroller is a puzzle adventure game rather than what you’d usually expect from the genre, set during The Great War. There was an odd juxtaposition between some of the comical gameplay and the depressing backdrop, but the game worked very well, with a wonderful art style completing a great package.


Just above Valiant Hearts was another Ubisoft title: the beautiful Child of Light: Ubisoft’s side scrolling RPG told in rhyme. It’s hardly a surprise, as the game features superb gameplay systems alongside one of the most stunning displays of visuals we’ve seen this year. It’s a game which will be remembered for a long time, and comes at the perfect price for a title of its size.

Child of Light is TheSixthAxis’ Platform/Side Scroller Game of the Year 2014.





  1. With all the stuff that has gone on with Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed/The Crew it’s easy to forget gems such as Child of Light. An amazing game with a beautiful soundtrack. Well deserved (just don’t annualise it, Ubi!!)

    • Couldn’t agree more. Not every title needs to be flogged to within an inch of its life. Actually, none of them do. Poor Assassin’s Creed.

  2. Hmm I always liked the art style of it but read some average reviews. It kind of fell between the cracks for me. May pick it up over Xmas. :)

  3. Enjoyed both Valiant Hearts and Child of Light, I’d give the award overall to Valiant Hearts just because the narrative is so good.

  4. A worthy winner, I hope. Then again, I have all three coming for Christmas. Yay! :-)

  5. A well deserved winner. Only heard about the game when I saw the review on here and bought it on a whim. Loved every minute of it.

  6. Feeling good that the winner is on my X-mas list !

  7. Haven’t played any of these but hopefully i will pick up LBP3 and Valiant Hearts after xmas.

  8. I found child of light extremely boring and deleted it half way through, shame as I really thought I would have liked it. Tropical freeze should have this, that games amazing

  9. Although I enjoyed Child of Light, it started to get a bit dull for me when I could fly.

    Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is so expertly crafted it deserves the top spot in my book. Not even making top three is disappointing. A shame it loses due to a lack of people here having played it.

    • Yep, DK gets my vote too. Have always preferred his outings to Mario’s and Tropic Freeze is almost perfect in my opinion and certainly more replayable than the (still excellent) Valiant Hearts and Child of Light.

  10. If it wasn’t for DAI, this would have been my GOTY.
    Loved every minute of it.

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